organizational concept paper – final edition W r i t i n g

organizational concept paper – final edition W r i t i n g

Your initial Presentation will include the key elements of the Organizational Concept Paper – Final Edition

The presentation should be comprised of seven (7) to 10 slides of content. Discuss the key elements of the Concept Paper – Second Edition. This presentation should be a minimum of five (5) minutes and a maximum of seven (7) minutes. 

The presentation can be designed as follows:

  • Title of the concept and your name (1 slide)
  • Why you are interested in the topic (your personal/professional connection to the topic) (1 slide)
  • Brief Summary of the key points from the introduction section of your concept (3 to 4 slides)
  • The specific problem, issue, or challenge that has caught your attention:
    • What is your topic? 
    • What is the problem? 
    • What have you noticed that requires investigation? 
    • Is this an industry-wide problem, issue, or challenge? If so, how do you KNOW that? 
  • The background or context of the problem:
    • Where is this specific problem taking place or occurring? 
    • What type of business or organization is specifically involved (You can announce the name of the organization, but you can also announce “Company ABC/Company XYZ”)? 
    • What is the organization profile (Where is this organization located? 
    • What goods or services does this organization provide? 
    • What is the organizational structure? 
    • How many employees? 
    • How long has the organization been in business?
  • Problem Statement (1 slide)
  • The benefits and challenges:
    • Who benefits from investigating the problem? 
    • How exactly do they benefit? 
    • What can get in the way of tackling this problem, issue, or challenge?
  • Brief Summary of the key points from the Literature Review section of your proposal (3 to 4 slides)
  • What literature was reviewed about the concept? 
    • Discuss at least three research studies, in detail. The detail will include: 
  1. an explanation of the study participants,
  2. an explanation of the study context (location, company, industry, and other background detail),
  3. the research methodology,
  4. the findings, and
  5. an overall summary of the literature.

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