organization primarily serves low income families H u m a n i t i e s

organization primarily serves low income families H u m a n i t i e s

Read the following case, then respond by due date (See Syllabus) to each of the questions below:

An Orlando nonprofit that offers after school care, tutoring, and activities for K-5 children operates from 3-7pm at a community center in a large neighborhood. The organization primarily serves low income families from 3 local elementary schools. The nonprofit has 3 staff members: the executive director, program director, and administrative assistant. The program director supervises the 20 member volunteer team during after school activities, which often includes crafts, music, kickball, and help with homework and reading. The program director has had continuous problems with Carlos, one of the volunteers who works specifically with homework. Carlos has been reprimanded for breaking some of the rules outlined in the volunteer manual, including giving children rides to/from the program, dropping off forgotten homework at school, and handing out personal information (phone number, email address) to children he feels may need help outside of the community center. Although these are clear violations, he continuously has not seen any issue with these behaviors and claims they were not clearly outlined and he was “just helping out”. After each offense, the volunteer manual is updated to ensure there are clear rules, but it seems like issues keep arising with this particular volunteer and breaking the rules.

Respond to the following questions, based on this case:

  • According to your text, which problem situation behavior is occurring with Carlos (see pages 188-189).
  • What type of questions would you ask to investigate the problem situation?
  • What steps would you take for positive corrective action?
  • Would you “fire” Carlos?

Respond to the following questions, based on your readings this week and your personal experience:

  • What are some of the key roles and issues facing volunteer managers regarding evaluation?
  • What are the benefits and risks that nonprofit organizations encounter when they engage with volunteers?
  • What types of safeguards can nonprofits put into place to mitigate the risks you outlined?
  • What basic policies and procedures should nonprofits have in place to handle volunteers?

By the Saturday following the due date listed on the syllabus at 11:59pm, post a response to one other student. To earn full credit, make sure that you add to the discussion (rather than simply agree or disagree with another student). To add to the discussion, you can reference reading material, such as your text book, or personal examples from your experience.

Points –

.75 for your original post.

.25 for responding to at least one other student’s posting.

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