open ‐ source 3d printed sensors W r i t i n g

open ‐ source 3d printed sensors W r i t i n g

the field is mechanical engineering and 3d printing

please follow all the instructions!!!

Article Name:

Open‐source 3D printed sensors for hand strength assessment: Validation of low‐cost load cell and fabric sensor‐based systems.

Cutler, Claudia R.

Hamilton, Anita L.
Hough, Emma
Baines, Cheyenne M.
Clark, Ross A.
Journal Name:

Australian Occupational Therapy Journal.
Date of Publication: 2018

Doi number: 10.1111/1440-1630.12494

You will review your article as needed to complete the following
review. This review is to be part of a marketing white paper. Because
you are writing for an external audience be sure the tone, level of
technical complexity, and readability of your document are appropriate
for this type of professional document. What do I mean? You are
addressing professionals but not engineers or computer scientists:

  • be specific and precise in what you say, they do not have time to
    guess what you are saying. Be sure your text is well written by reading
    it out loud to yourself and completing an advanced grammar check.
  • Talk to them in words they will understand, and avoid or define technical language.
  • Organize what you are staying so that the audience understands and follows your ideas. Use topic sentences (Links to an external site.).

Title of your review

While this will be at the top of your review, it will likely be
easier to create after you have completed the rest of the elements. The
title must concisely and precisely let an audience know what you are
doing and what the topic is. Titles that are clear, brief, and
interesting are more likely to get someone to read what is below them. Hint: You are not doing the research, you are reviewing it with a particular focus.

Title of the journal article, the authors, and the journal it was published in.

State this in a sentence.


On the line below your title put “by” with your name after it.

Study Objective

This is a concise statement of the purpose of the study in your
article. The information you need for this is generally found in the
abstract and the end of the introduction.

Study Outcome

This is a concise statement of the findings of the study in your
article. The information you need for this is generally found in the
abstract and the findings/conclusion/analysis section of the article.

Data used for the Research

The section describes the data used for the research, this does not
include the analysis done on the data as part of the research. The
information you need for this section is found in the methods section of
the document. It should include answers to most if not all of the
following questions:

  • Where was the data obtained from? This only applies to research
    articles where the researchers obtained data from an external source.
  • How was the data collected? This applies to research articles where
    the researchers collected the data themselves. It usually includes where
    or from what the data were collected, how much data are included, what
    types of data are collected.

Statistical Analysis Review

In this section, you will document the statistical method that was
used in the study. The information you need for this section is found in
the methods section of the article. While you will want to provide some
context on how the statistics you are reviewing fit into the research,
this is not intended to be a step-by-step review of the entire research
process. Use as many of the foundational terms from the first two
conceptual assignments as apply to your work and include:

  • Identify the statistical method(s) used in this work in terms of the
    foundational probability and statistics terms discussed in your first
    two concept assignments (CA2.1 and CA2.2)
  • Identify the statistical method(s) used in the study, what that
    method does (in general) and why that was useful in this research
  • Identify what researchers learned because of using the statistical method(s).

Evaluation of the Article’s Text

In this section, you will evaluate the audience to whom the article
communicates. You will use the tone and language of the document to
identify and document what audience(s) will be able to understand and
value this article. How can you tell this? Is the article effective at
communicating the material to them? Then, evaluate if this audience is
appropriate for this material. Could this material, in a modified
format, be valuable to another audience? If so, what would need to
change to address that audience effectively? If not, why would it not be
appropriate for other audiences?

Evaluation of the Article’s Graphics

In this section, you will evaluate the effectiveness of the types of
graphics used in the document and their placement relative to their
discussion in the text. Identify what types of graphics are used, being
specific about types of graphs (Links to an external site.)
used, and their effectiveness for the information they were conveying.
Do all the graphics have numbers and titles? Do all graphics have the
labels needed to identify all their elements? Are they well done and of
an appropriate size to be readable? Could they be communicated in a
more clear way? What way do you think that would be?

Are the graphics located in the article in close proximity to where
the topic they support is discussed? Does their location in the article
make them more or less useful to the topic being discussed?

If your article does not have graphics, discuss what could have been
included to make the work more clear. Be specific in types of graphics.
Where in the article they should be located, and why?

Contribution of Research

In this section, you will talk to your potential client and inform
them of the significance of this research and how this statistical tool
can be of value to them in meeting their goals and objectives. The
contribution of the research is generally found in the
discussion/conclusion/implications for the field section of the article.

Revision and Editing

This review will be your case contribution to your group’s white
paper. As such, it needs to be well written. Format the document
clearly and consistently and be sure it is written well. I recommend
that you read your document out loud to yourself to make sure what you
are saying is complete and the ideas flow. When you are happy with it,
complete a grammar and spelling check before handing it in.


This section will use APA formatting (Links to an external site.)
for the reference list. You will have the reference for the article you
are reviewing and any other resources you use (ex. you might use a
statistics encyclopedia to help you describe the statistics method in
you article. The library has several that are available as e-books.).

This linked document provides an example of what that can look like – White Paper Example.

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