online “ dating ”, cyber bullying W r i t i n g

online “ dating ”, cyber bullying W r i t i n g

1st Part of Assignment:

After reading the prompt below,  explain in two or three sentences what you will write about specifically, which issues might you investigate? What might you say about those issues? Put the terms you choose from the list below in bold when you write your answer (see my example after the prompt details) .

Example for this “Reading the Prompt Assignment”: You might say something like, “Toxic Tribalism is leading to an even more divided society, feeding on its own power to pit different groups against each other. One side seems to alienate the other with Cancel Culture mentality, if they don’t like the other side’s views. The other side then counters with Troll Armies and Fake News to defeat their perceived enemy. The News Silos that each “tribe” gravitates to, makes it all the more impossible to bring the sides together.

2nd Part of Assignment:

Submit two questions that could serve as a starting point to your research essay. Questions should be something that connects social media and the issues from the prompt. Note: You will use one of these for the next assignment and a basis for your research paper, so give it some thought.

Here are some examples:

Which social media platforms are being used for positive social change and which are being used for division?

Does social media help to eradicate gender bias (sexism) or does it make it worse?

How does Toxic Tribalism lead to Fake News and Cancel Culture?

Are Influencers having a positive or negative affect on young adults? Are they influencing culture towards equality and justice or are they just a new type of advertising?

3rd Part Assignment:

Essay should be 6-8 double-spaced pages in MLA format. You must use at least one quote from five different outside academic sources (two could be essays from our book).

Should have a title that states topic and hints at thesis.

Introduction should begin with 3-5 sentences introducing the topic of social media and the particular issues or platforms you will be discussing

A thesis statement should end the introduction making an analytical argument—that is detailed, developed, and dynamic—that shows a college-level engagement.

Body paragraphs should begin with clearly articulated topic sentences that develop individual points helping to support your overall thesis.

Evidence should describe the platforms/issues and be connected to quotes, paraphrase, and/or summary from five outside sources (two could be essays from the book).

Conclusion should bring these individual points back to the overall thesis and make it clear what the implications are for society in the near future.

Essays should follow MLA style and format (see Hacker or look it up online): typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins all around. 

How is social media dividing and/or uniting our society? Discuss specific social media platforms and how they are involved with at least two of the following issues: Troll Armies (Links to an external site.), Slacktivism, Online “Dating”, Cyber Bullying, “Do it for the Gram” mentality (Links to an external site.),  E-Commerce, Government Surveillance (Links to an external site.), Fake News (Links to an external site.), “fake news” (Links to an external site.), Weaponized Ignorance (Links to an external site.), News Silos (Links to an external site.), Political Correctness (Links to an external site.), Cancel Culture (Public Shaming/Callout Culture) (Links to an external site.), Toxic Tribalism (Links to an external site.), The Backfire Effect (Links to an external site.), Conspiracy Theories, Social Media Addiction, Identity Construction, Stanning (Links to an external site.), Simps (Links to an external site.), Social Issue Awareness, Charity, Online Education, Influencers, or Political Voice. Feel free to use other issues that relate to the online world, but run them by me first. Discuss the details of these issues and how the specific social media  or web-based platforms contribute to them in various ways. Use quotes/paraphrase from at least five outside sources (two of which can be essays from our book, but the others must be from academic books or journal articles) to support and illustrate. Some of the less obvious issues above have links to help explain.

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