ongoing operating environment ?) 6 W r i t i n g

ongoing operating environment ?) 6 W r i t i n g

1. You will produce a formal closeout report.

Your assignment will have a formal cover page as per your previous assignments.

The second page will consist of a formal cover for a closeout report. This formal project closeout report cover will contain the following:

  • Project name in Full:
  • Date:
  • Project Manager/Director:
  • Document control form:

2. Produce a 1 page Executive Summary: (see thisthis websiteor other websites for ideas)

3. Purpose of the Project: (Differs from executive summary – Provide a brief 1 page overview of the purpose of the project in the case study).

4. Project Deliverables: (Document the deliverables you specifically identified in the case study and provide the date delivered).

  • Deliverable
  • Date Delivered

5. Post Implementation Support: (e.g. Field Support) – (What processes, tools, systems, documentation, FAQ sheets are in place to support the ongoing operating environment?)

6. Training: (What, if any, training has been developed for this project? Is training being handled through another project/program, if so what is the plan? How will you ensure the project deliverables are assimilated into the organization?)

7. Scope Change History: (If formal change management was used in your project and changes occurred, please document each change in a table using the following headings.)

  • Change Request #
  • Date of Request
  • Title/Description
  • Explanation

8. Lessons Learned:

  • What went well in the project?
  • What did not go well in the project?
  • What should we do differently next time?

9. Provide a response memo to Dr. Knowall (this response memo is part of your total 8 – 10 pages).

Ensure that you provide documentation and rationale on what you will do to resolve the issues that Dr. Knowall has identified in his memo found in the Case Study. Please refer to the first part of the case study introduced in Unit 6 and the EVM analysis from Unit 7 as further information to support your project close out report. Dates for the deliverables etc. can be fictional to enhance the deliverable.

Include all other items that your team believes should be found in a Close Out Report for this Case Study as part of your final assignment submission.

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