one leader per group ). H u m a n i t i e s

one leader per group ). H u m a n i t i e s

Assessment1 and 2

From weeks 4-10 students will engage and respond to the readings and lecture. Each week 3-5 students will lead a discussion in small online groups for 40-60min (one leader per group). You will guide your group’s discussion, directing it to concepts, topics, issues and examples that you find important or significant. In addition, you will produce a 1000 word document that is uploaded on the day of your tutorial. It will;

Summarise the main arguments from the readings for that week.

Develop your own position/argument in relation to the readings.

4-6 discussion questions that will structure your session.

4-6 examples (from art and visual culture) with a sentence or two explaining how it relates to the reading/topic.

To prepare for leading your discussion try to make connections between the readings, the overall topic, and other materials from class and your own research. Ask yourself, what ideas are the most critical, controversial, enlightening, provocative or difficult to understand? What key terms or questions can you draw from these readings, and how might you use these ideas outside this particular context? Try to illuminate key issues with specifics and examples from the readings, culture and everyday life. You might want to bring relevant passages your group’s attention, or compare different authors, scholars, and artists. Your goal is to prompt interesting group discussion, so highlight things in the readings you found illuminating, challenging, surprising, informative, and unusual. Think about different ways to engage the group and generate discussion. Please make sure to be respectful of your classmates and sensitive to differences.

This is an individual assessment, but we encourage you to work collaboratively with others who will be presenting the same week you are. You will be assessed on the document you upload, and your tutor’s observation of part of your discussion group. Your tutor will not observe your whole presentation, as they will occur simultaneously. See the rubric for details on how you will be assessed.

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