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ohio state university wexner medical center B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

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Hocking Valley Community Hospital (HVCH) is a critical access hospital along with geriatric psychiatry, emergency department, urgent care, and a wide variety of clinical, specialty, and outpatient services. In existence since 1906, Hocking Valley has been a community non-profit hospital since 1949.

EHR Adoption

Through HVCH’s affiliation with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, the hospital had the opportunity to leverage for Epic, which is usually unattainable for smaller health organizations. The conversion to Epic provided through OSUWMC includes all Epic applications and the third-party applications that OSUWMC has obtained. On March 9, 2017, HVCH held an Epic kick-off meeting and March 6, 2018, was selected as the program go-live date. Both the hospital and the medical group transitioned over to the new platform at that time.

Epic is a top-rated EHR and has been rated #1 for customer satisfaction. About 51% of the population of the United States has an Epic account, and more than 80% of the retail market – including Walgreens and CVS – use Epic. It also is the only EHR that shares information freely between all other EHR systems with no additional fees. The basic cost is $3 million.

Benefits of EHR

Following benefits of EHR are noted

  • A patient’s total health information, allergies, lab work, medications, and X-rays are together in one place, so care is coordinated.
  • Follow-up information, instructions or reminders for patients can be easily obtained or sent electronically.
  • When a new medication is prescribed, the EHR automatically checks and alerts the clinician to potential conflicts with previous treatments or allergies.
  • Health history, medications, and allergies do not have to be repeated with each new medical caregiver.
  • More patient and family interaction in care with better accessibility to care instructions, results and communication with care providers.
  • Less time between diagnostic result availability and clinical decision/intervention/treatment.
  • Reduction in duplicate testing.

Adoption of analytic models into EHR systems

After Successful implementation of HER systems, the leadership at HVCH now wants to improve their HER system by late adoption of analytic models in existing EHR. Your group has been assigned to HVCH in a consultative capacity for designing and implementing Analytics Model in HER at HCVG. The in-house EHR analytics team include Ms. Stacey Gabriel, President and CEO, Ms. Julie Grow, CFO, Mr. Brian Longnecker, Director, Information Services, Latricia Johnston, Chief Public Relations Officer, and Mr. Roy Davis, Director of Operations.


The design/implementation team has been given approximately 90 days (four weeks in your case) to develop recommendations for an EMR implementation strategy which will be presented to the HVCH board of directors. Please review the below table which includes assignments and deadlines for your group. Your group will be required to participate in small group meetings (discussions) submit various documents and analysis on a weekly basis culminating in a final submission in Week Seven that includes implementation strategy recommendations. Your group will report directly to the Director of Information (facilitator). The Director of Information will provide your group timely feedback no later than three days following the end of the week. Please read the case study, review the requirements below, and meet with other advisory group members as soon as possible to familiarize yourself with the case.

As you collaborate weekly to meet deadlines and deliverables, it is strongly recommended your coordination efforts and contributions both as a group and as a group member be recorded in the group discussion forum provided. This is the most efficient way for the CIO (your facilitator) to evaluate group progress and individual contribution throughout the duration of the project.

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