nurse informatics committee gathers information regarding necessary changes needed W r i t i n g

nurse informatics committee gathers information regarding necessary changes needed W r i t i n g

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Clinical workflow is beneficial to ensure the delivery of safe and quality care to the population we are serving. Electronic health records (EHRs) may affect how an organization manages messages, schedules patients, checks patients in, rooms patients, conducts exams, renews medications, and checks patients (Health, 2019). Efficiently managed workflow redesign can help maximize efficiencies, enhance healthcare quality and safety, remove chaos from our current workflow, and improve care coordination. Workflow design is a process that any organization should complete before the implementation of electronic health records (EHRs) they want to use. ‘Workflow Redesign Templates’ are extremely helpful for an organization while planning for EHR implementation.

While EHRs and other technologies are intended to reduce errors and improve the safe, standardized, and well-documented delivery of care, some stakeholders believe that digital tools can simply serve to swap one set of mistakes for another (Bresnick,2017). On the other hand, some studies add to the evidence that EHR alerts and alarms may be doing more harm than good. However, the majority studies point it out to make the alarm useful and used correctly, “drug safety dashboards and ADE alarms can improve patient safety and cut the workflow burdens for providers. The trick is to make these flags and pop-ups intelligent enough to fire only when necessary to prevent harm” (Bresnick,2017).

Informatics is an essential component of healthcare today (Hebda et al., 2018). Our organization has informatics committees for various disciplines. Our nurse informatics committee gathers information regarding necessary changes needed in the workflow of our EHR to provide maximum benefits to improve patient’s safety and quality care. They will communicate and work with the IT department to make necessary changes.


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Clinical Workflow focuses on how activities are conducted in both administrative and operational methods, with the goal of simplifying the process and delivering patients the greatest health experience possible. It refers to a series of interconnected events that occur in the therapeutic setting and are carried out by a variety of professionals at numerous levels, all of whom can work at the same time or in a sequential order, all with the same aim in mind (What are workflows (Clinical workflow)?, 2020). clinical workflow is often characterized in terms of the pattern of actions clinicians utilize to perform routine tasks and generate results.

Workflow redesign that is well-managed can help you increase efficiency, improve healthcare quality and safety, de-clutter your present workflow, and improve care coordination (How will electronic health records affect my workflow? Do i need to consider workflow redesign? |, 2019).

According to Bowens et al. (2010), the widespread adoption and meaningful use of EHR technology relies on the successful integration of health information technology (HIT) into clinical workflow. For instance, the use of different technologies to interface with EHR systems can maximize meaningful use and optimize clinical workflow. The use of automated uploads of vital signs data, voice recognition software, PDAs can reduce human errors and save time. Recent studies show that the adoption of health information technology (HIT) across care settings can lead to greater efficiency, better access to quality healthcare, patient safety. Furthermore, that implementation of HIT may improve health outcomes, reduce medication errors, augment chronic disease management, reduce health disparities, and offer substantial cost savings (Bowens et al., 2010).


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According to AHRQ, “workflow is the sequence of physical and mental tasks performed by various people within and between work environments. It can occur at several levels (one person, between people, across organizations) and can occur sequentially or simultaneously.” Taking clinical workflow into account when implementing any type of HIT is critical to assure the desired improvements in quality, safety, and efficiency. How an EHR (or any health IT) flows into clinical workflow is its useability, which is at the core of health informatics. When an EHR application negatively interferes with workflow, it can affect quality of patient care and safety. Poor usability can also cause negative perceptions by clinicians which can possibly cause clinician burn-out. In pharmacy, whenever there are errors of any kind, we always do a step-by-step workflow analysis. Inevitably when something is missed or done wrong, it can be traced back to an issue with workflow that was skipped or rarely one that can be changed to avoid the problem in the future. I understand how a detailed clinical workflow analysis should be done prior to implementation of any new HIT. Additionally, it should be done whenever any unintended issues arise. When workflow is integrated into the EHR, it should decrease the amount of time spent on indirect care and increase the amount of time clinicians spend with patients while at the same time increasing safety and outcomes.

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