novel bayesian belief network machine learning analysis H e a l t h M e d i c a l

novel bayesian belief network machine learning analysis H e a l t h M e d i c a l

From a nursing stand point of view give your opinion. Please use APA style, 150 words on each document opinion

document 1: Correlational: What is the relationship between pain management and patient satisfaction?

Comparative: Do chronic pain patients who use complementary and alternative medication report better pain management than those who only use pharmacological interventions alone?Experimental: What is the difference in reported pain score among patients that have used complementary and alternative medication versus patients that have only used pharmacological intervention alone?Phenomenological: What is the meaning of effective pain management for nurses?

Components of Research Questions and Related Criteria

The selected research question is the comparative research question; Do chronic pain patients who use complementary and alternative medication report better pain management than those who only use pharmacological interventions alone?The independent variable in the research question is the pain management while the dependent variables include the CAM strategies use and pharmacological interventions. The effective way to measure the effectiveness of the pain management is through the use of a questionnaire that captures the key components that are considered as an indication of effective pain management. The answers of the questions from the questionnaires would then be compared to each other to determine which of the two approaches is effective. The process can entail the use of both quantitative and qualitative research with qualitative research being the best approach given that the research will mainly entail the collection of subjective data. The population group for the research question is patients that suffer from chronic pain.

Why this Question

Pain is among the most common health problems across the United States and the world. A majority of the American population report to have experienced back pain in their lives. According to Kuehn, B. (2018), 1 in every 5 Americans reported chronic pain in 2016 and it is estimated that 8% had high–impact chronic pain whose definition is one that limits life or work activities on most days or every day during the past 6 months. Given the high statistics, it is important to evaluate the most effective approaches to pain management. Opioid is the most effective approach to pain management. However, there have been significant concerns about the use of opioids across the United States. The use of the class of medication has led to an epidemic in the nation with a significant percentage of the population suffering from an opioid addiction (Marshall et al., 2019). Despite the use of opioids and its reported effectiveness in pain management, a majority of patients still report poor pain management. Therefore, it is time to consider other alternatives to pain management that would help lower the risks of opioid addiction while providing the most effective pain management approach. The use of complementary and alternative medicine presents such an opportunity as a majority of the CAM interventions are usually non-invasive in nature. Therefore, further research to understand the best CAM approaches to effective pain management is necessary as this will help in saving costs and improving the health outcome of a majority of the population.References

Kuehn, B. (2018). Chronic pain prevalence. Jama, 320(16), 1632-1632.

Marshall, B., Bland, M. K., Hulla, R., & Gatchel, R. J. (2019). Considerations in addressing the opioid epidemic and chronic pain within the USA. Pain Management, 9(2), 131-138.

document 2:

Does exercising instead of not exercising help reduce the risk of Diabetes type 2 in female African Americans?

I decided to discuss question number 1. According to the U.S department of health, the risk for a black female to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is 80% higher among non-Hispanic Blacks than White counter parts (Healthline, 2019). Type 2 diabetes is a disease that can be prevented, it is also a chronic condition that if left untreated can cause complications that can be life-threatening. Such as heart disease, stroke, and high-risk pregnancy.

Based on a study that was done by the National Institutes of Health in January 2018, black adults have a higher chance of developing diabetes type 2 than for white adults. The highest number was between black women and white women. Black women are more likely to develop diabetes type 2 between the age of 45 or older. One of the most common conditions that increase the risk of diabetes type 2 in black women is obesity. In the black community, there is a lack of education regarding certain diseases. Many African American females have diabetes and don’t know about it. For example, I had a patient who recently was admitted because of covid-19 symptoms and was found to have diabetes type 2. Of course, she was surprised and in denial at the same time. She wasn’t interested in the education that we were trying to provide her. The first thing I noticed is that she was overweight. My question to her was when the last time was you visited a doctor and her answer was 5 years ago. My point is that more education needs to be provided to black women in regards of certain diseases, lifestyles, and diet that can help them.

In summary, I believe that exercising can help prevent diabetes type 2 in black women. Black women need to be educated about how to prioritize their health by making appointments with their primary care providers in order to take care of themselves. Many women tend to stay up to date with their pap smears and even their mammograms but not curious enough to know their blood sugar level, their blood pressure, and cholesterol. This needs to change. They need to know that by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and maintain a normal weight can help prevent this disease. I chose to discuss this question because of how important it is for me to educate other black women like myself about the prevention of diabetes.


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LoBiondo-Wood, G., & Haber, J. (2018). Nursing research: methods and critical appraisal for evidence-based practice. Elsevier.

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