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north american managed care health insurance company business B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e


One: Case 1: Mr. Dennis Bennett, Human Resources Specialist, North American Managed Care Health Insurance Company

   Business and management conceptualizations of sexual harassment have been informed by both legal and psychological definitions. From the psychological perspective, sexual harassment behaviors include harassment based on one’s gender, enacting unwanted sexual attention, and sexual coercion.

     The two most common approaches to measuring sexual harassment are direct query (explicitly ask about sexual harassment) or behavior experiences (ask respondents about how many sexually harassing behaviors they have experienced).

Scenario number 1: In this case it is considered Hostile Environment Harassment. Harassment is perpetrated by a colleague in requesting involvement after the job and the comments are pervasive and unwanted sexual comments. This this scenario, if the company are able to offer an affirmative defense, it may prevail in lawsuit (Flynn et al. 2015) . 

Scenario number 2: This case is called “quid pro que” harassment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when an employee’s supervisor, manager, or other authority figure offers or suggests that an employee will be given something, such as a raise or promotion, in exchange for some sort of sexual favor. The organization will be liable if the

employer has failed to take appropriate steps to prevent sexual harassment (Flynn et al., 2015).

Scenario number 3: some organizations can legally prohibit dating in the workplace, which is part of their policy, but this case dating two coworkers is not considered sexual harassment. Sometimes romantic relationships can be challenging to prove it, thus there should be strong evidence of violating the company’s policy 

Scenario number 4: This case is again quid pro quo sexual harassment because Dr Kensic refuses to provide an excellent performance to his employee unless she goes on a date. This action could lead to demotion, where she is refused to be promoted, receive less pay or less responsibility. 

Sexual harassment training for staff, including executives, is vital and useful and strategically

communicated policies. 

Case 2: Dr. Barbara Bennett, Medical Director, Greybull Medical Center

  One of the most demanding subjects that healthcare organizations globally facing is work place violence. WHO defines WPV as “Incidents where employees are abused, threatened, assaulted or subjected to other offensive behavior in circumstances related to their work. (Afshari, 2020) . Occupational stress is a result of the mismatch between an individual and the environment as the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities, resources, or needs of the worker.

As a Director Dr. Bennett needs to put all her effort to ensure all employees will understand that workplace violence will be reported seriously. OSHA (n.d.) provides specific guidelines for reporting incidences of violence which include

statements as required, involve workers in the investigation, identify the root cause, collect and

review other information, and investigate near misses (OSHA, 2015).

Dr. Bennette should demonstrate her commitment to workplace violence prevention, communicate this commitment, and document the medical center’s performance.


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