newly formed school wide discipline committee H u m a n i t i e s

newly formed school wide discipline committee H u m a n i t i e s


Read Chapter 8. In this chapter, you read about Anthony and Amelia and the benefits of using visually cued instruction.  With a focus on either Anthony or Amelia- Create a handout related to visual support tools. You can use any tool you like to create this handout. If you’re looking to try something new, you can use Canva or Adobe Spark. The handout page should be 1 page and include the following information:

Explanation of visually cued instruction.

Description of one of the eight types of individual supports explained in the chapter.

Select Anthony or Amelia – describe the visual supports that could be used to improve Anthony’s or Amelia’s school performance.

Using Box 8.1 (p. 162) as a reference, conduct a search for personal mobile device apps that could support the learning needs of Anthony or Amelia. Find at least 2 apps. Explain why, when, and how the apps would be used. Make sure to include a screenshot of the app (you do not have to purchase any apps to complete this task – but you’ll need to look for reviews, etc.


Read Chapter 9. You are a new special education teacher at a public school (you choose the grade level) and your principal has asked you to serve on a newly formed school wide discipline committee. After the first meeting, you were a bit concerned that all of the discussion centered around consequences instead of positive behavior support. You have a brief meeting with the committee chair about your concerns and she agrees and has similar concerns. She asks if you would be willing to share a bit more about positive ways school faculty, staff, and community could support improved student behavior.

For this TASK, create a set of notes that you’d use as you share ideas the next time the committee meets. (8-10 notes)

  • Remember, your target audience is faculty on this committee. It’s important that your work addresses (at the minimum) the following:
  • What is the functional behavior assessment (FBA) process?
  • What are the required components of a Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) plan? What is an example of a working plan (this can be a link with a short description).
  • Describe an AT that supports positive social-emotional behavior.

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