need sound effects instead W r i t i n g

need sound effects instead W r i t i n g

You are writing a small piece that I would be recording myself saying. This is or an oral report so use the information from the attached document and compress it into a 45-60 second news story. Again you are writing it down as it would be spoken. Pretty much you are writing a script.

The next step in your reporting is to create a brief radio story about the scientific research you are covering. You will have plenty of material to choose from: the material from your news article, an interview with the scientist who conducted the study, and possibly an interview with a scientist who has an alternative view about the research. The challenge is that all that material must be distilled into a short radio story, and the mode of delivery will be audio. You will have to adjust the content and delivery to fit a new genre. Consider also the affordances and constraints you might face with today’s audio technologies.

Produce a 45-60-second radio news story by doing the following:

Use the written news story you produced in Topic 4 and distill the content of the story down for a short radio news story.

Consider the expectations of the genre. Some things might be similar to the text reporting you have done (you will still need a hook), but some things will be different (you will need sound effects instead of visuals).

Adjust language, as necessary, to guide a listener by their ear.

Be selective about your details. You will not be able to include as much as you did in your written news report.

Provide the listener with appropriate background information.

Interview an expert in the field, or use your interview from the previous assignment, and decide which phrases or sentences from your interviews will work the best. Consider whether the arrangement of your language needs to be changed. Quoting material in text might be different from including sound clips from the experts you have interviewed.

Consider how you are creating a “lens” for your reader as you decide which information to include or leave out

Include content that is typical of a short radio news story. The WAV or MP3 file you submit must be smaller than 10 MB

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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