must use reliable research H e a l t h M e d i c a l

must use reliable research H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Human Sexuality Class

This assignment will help you examine popular culture and media’s influence on shaping our ideas
about sexuality. It will assess whether you are able to critically evaluate depictions of people’s sexual behaviors in feature films
and critically look at its implications on the way we perceive life to be. Message of hate, bashing, intolerance or personal attacks
will not be tolerated, as this is meant to be a critical review of gender and/or sexuality as we see it in media or in application to an
individual’s everyday life. Choose from one of the following films, which can be found on Netflix or other social media outlets,
and write a 3-page reaction paper on what you have viewed. You must use reliable research on the sexuality topic portrayed in
the film so that you are prepared to say whether the viewers are informed properly or misinformed about the sexuality issues
portrayed. Cite any research used (minimum 3 sources)

Remember, you are reviewing the content of the film, NOT the acting. Summarize the plot and the main character in a few
sentences. Questions to consider: What gender &/or sexuality topic or issues is explicitly spoken about in this film? What was
your core reaction to what you saw? Was the content/messages stereotypical of our culture and if so, how? Do you think it was
an accurate portrayal of sexuality in our culture? Why or why not? A minimum of three (3) examples of correct or inaccurate
depictions should be included in the paper. Would you change this movie in any way to better portray this sexuality issue? What
implicit and explicit messages does this movie contain about sex and sexuality? What do you think about these messages? Are
they positive or negative? Did you like the way the topic was presented? What message/presentation would you like to change
about the way the topic was displayed in this film? Any final thoughts?

The Movie is Brokeback Mountain

Here is a link to the movie: https:// class=”redactor-invisible-space”>

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