must make direct reference W r i t i n g

must make direct reference W r i t i n g

Choose a media item to analyze, e.g. a TV show, movie, video game, popular website, app, etc. The piece must have something to do with children/youth/educators, and preferably schools as well. For example, it can be something you hope to incorporate into your future teaching practice, something that influenced you (positively or negatively) growing up, something that inspired you to become a teacher, or something currently popular that you find problematic.

The media that I have been assigned for this analysis assignment is the School of Rock movie :). Please be sure that you are familiar with this movie ?. 

What cultural information does the piece include?

What assumptions are made? Who are the assumptions made about? Why are these assumptions made? Do these assumptions seem to come from the perspective of a cultural insider or outsider?

What media education concepts are helpful to analyze the piece?

What does the piece tell us about the worldview of its author(s)?

What assumptions are made about children? Adults?

What assumptions are made about the meaning of education?

What assumptions are made about culture?

Who is present? Who is absent? Who is treated as other? Who is treated as the norm?

A media analysis is not a summary or description. Assume I am already familiar with the media item. Your analysis must take a position and include a clear and concrete thesis statement (e.g. “In this essay, I will argue…” or “My argument is…”). You must make direct reference to appropriate readings from the course. You may also do additional research, but this is not required.

Length, style, and presentation: 750 words (excluding references). Include references in Chicago, APA, or MLA format and a bibliography. Attach a title page with your name, your thesis statement (i.e. copy it from the body of your essay), and the media item you are analyzing.

The course readings that relate to the media I have uploaded are below.

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