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Using your completed term paper as a guide, create a 10 to 20 slide PowerPoint presentation that covers all the major topics of your paper. Use the Notes section of the PowerPoint to place all relevant speaker notes. Please make sure that your PowerPoint is visually appealing and grammatically correct.

Note: You will not be actually presenting. You will only be submitting the presentation with your speaker notes.

I have attached my completed paper. This is what I covered in the paper:

1. Describe the climate in this country. Are there different climates in different parts of the country? If so, describe what is causing these differences.

2. What are this country’s major population centers, and where are they located? Is one part of the country more densely populated than other parts? If so, why is this the case?

3. If you were to visit this country, what languages would you expect to hear, and what types of religious services might you attend? Would you expect to see much racial and ethnic diversity, or would the population be relatively homogeneous?

4. What are some key events in this country’s history? How has the country’s history affected its current population and culture? Is the nation currently feeling the impact of certain historical events, patterns, or decisions?

5. Describe the country’s political structure. Who is in charge of making decisions? Do the people get a chance to participate in political life? Describe current political conditions in this country. What types of political controversies or difficulties has this country faced or is it currently facing? How is this country getting along with other countries in its region and in the world?

6. How has this country’s economy been faring in the past few years? What has happened to unemployment, consumer prices, and GDP, and what do these figures reveal about the country’s economic health? Where does this country fit into the ranking of all countries for GDP per capita?

7. What are this country’s key economic sectors? In what ways is each of these sectors important to the overall economic health of the country? Which of these sectors, if any, represent significant sources of export revenue?

8. What are the prospects for foreign investment in this country’s economy? If you were in charge of a large business in your own country, would you want to do business in this country? Why or why not?

9. What are the most significant issues facing this country that as business professionals we should be aware of?

10. Describe the unique characteristics of the culture. What are the differences with the American culture? As international travelers, what must cultural rules must we be aware of or follow?

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