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multichannel electronic retailer reaching 13 million homes B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e


Rae Marie Luttrell, a former colleague and long-time friend, has been promoted and is now serving as the Vice President of Operations at MyShoppingSpreeTV, a television home shopping network. Hoping to solicit your advice and benefit from your expertise, she requests to meet with you to discuss some of the challenges she faces in her new role.

The two of you meet for lunch where you learn more about her new employer, MyShoppingSpreeTV, a multichannel electronic retailer reaching 13 million homes in the United States via cable and satellite television. The network’s programming is also streamed live on the Web and on its companion Internet site,, a top e-commerce site. The company’s corporate headquarters, broadcast facilities, and customer service center are located in Washington. The company also maintains fulfillment facilities in Ohio and Oregon.

With a blend of unique products, exciting on-air presentations, and celebrity vendor guests, the company provides a unique shopping experience offering high-quality products and a strong commitment to customer value. MyShoppingSpreeTV is known for its fine jewelry, brand-name watches, premium beauty items, quality house and home products, and electronics. It offers top brands, as well as unique items available exclusively at MyShoppingSpreeTV.

After this initial meeting to learn more about her new company, you agree to schedule a series of informal meetings with her each week to learn about the organizational conditions and challenges she faces. As her trusted friend, it seems you will play the informal role of a leadership coach and consultant to the organization as she solicits your regular advice.

Part 1

Reflecting on your last meeting with Rae Marie, the new Vice President of Operations for MyShoppingSpreeTV, you acknowledge that she may have legitimate concerns about the employees in her department not yet trusting her position of authority. Effective leadership is a common and critical element of a successful organization. Not surprisingly, the period of leadership transition from the departure of a former leader and the hiring of a new leader can be seen as an unwelcome and resisted change.

If poorly managed, these transitions can create a turbulent period for the organization, leading to decreased organizational efficacy. Even well-established organizations can falter during and after a shift in power or change in leadership.

Research and identify methods and actions that will be required to sustain any change in leadership or shift in power. In a 750-1000-word response, identify ways in which leaders can build trust.

  • Provide examples of evidence of trust within a work environment.
  • Identify how Rae Marie can use office politics in a positive way to improve her leadership effectiveness.
  • Create a list of actionable recommendations that will be required to sustain this change in leadership.

Part 2

Keep in mind that transition periods offer organizations great opportunities for reflection, the rethinking of mission, and the reordering of priorities. However, they can also be times of great anxiety for employees. Often, the biggest challenge for the incoming leader in the first months is making relationship building a priority while addressing critical organizational issues.

For an organization, one of the biggest challenges is to resist the pressure to act too quickly by bringing in a new leader. Additionally, quite often, a change in leadership will also highlight other needed changes, that is, in staffing, systems, or structure. Therefore, one change may inevitably lead to subsequent changes. Although these changes can come in many forms, the organization can plan for change to be best prepared to advance the organization with a new strategy.

With the scenario in mind, design an action plan that would prepare the organization for a future executive leadership change.

Address the following in 750-1,000 words: APA Format with citations and refrences.

************Please include sceniro in answer*****************

  • In your plan, discuss the strategies you would recommend to guide the organization through an executive leadership change and a successful leadership transition for the MyShoppingSpreeTV organization.

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