Moral Reasoning and Ethics—Lessons Learned and Future

Moral Reasoning and Ethics—Lessons Learned and Future Applications,This final discussion is in two parts:,Develop an initial posting of one or two paragraphs that analyzes any of the topics related to moral reasoning and ethics. Then discuss the qualities of a critical thinker as they apply to the required readings for this module. Ask yourself how the media (any medium) raises issues of any of these forms of reasoning. ,,Second, take time to self-reflect on the concepts learned in this course for reasoning and critical thinking. Are there areas that are challenging for you still? Provide some tangible examples of how your thinking has improved. Since thinking improves with practice, how are you planning to continually improve your skills? ,,The remainder of the discussion will focus on the discussion of aesthetic reasoning, moral and ethical reasoning, and legal reasoning. Make sure to back your thoughts and feedback with concrete facts and insights.,