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Class Discussion: Wonder Woman, Beyond Bechdel, & Media Portrayals

Read all these articles then answer all the questions

Post 1: Thinking about your own Bechdel test analysis, and reviewing the other materials for the movie and television chapters, answer the following questions: 1. Do you feel media portrays women in a realistic way? 2. Do women have enough meaningful roles in movies and in television shows? 3. With what you have learned from your reading and review, reflect on James Cameron’s comments, and the responses from Patty Jenkins and Lynda Carter. Cameron’s comments, and the responses from Patty Jenkins and Lynda Carter. 4. Comment on the usefulness of the Bechdel test. (You must support your comments with specific evidence and examples – go beyond your opinion). 5. Should there be a way of analyzing films for whether they have a strong respect for their female lead as someone who is more than just window dressing? 6. To what extent do media portrayals shape our attitudes towards women? (You must use sources to support your answer

Post 2: Challenges with Portrayals go beyond how women are portrayed. 1. Identify a movie or television show that presents a character(s) using negative stereotypes. 2. Explain the stereotype presented and why it is problematic. Apply theory presented in your text (or other linked materials) to explain the possible effects of this portrayal. If possible, provide a link to a clip that demonstrates your point. While it is possible two people will examine the same TV show or movie – it is not likely.

Post 3: What does it all mean? 1. Do media producers have an obligation to present realistic images of people? 2. How do media portrayals affect our attitudes about people who are different than ourselves? Explain your answer. 3. what example did you find the most surprising? Why? 4. Do you, as a media consumer, have any obligation to withdraw support from media that perpetrates stereotypes? Explain your answer.

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