might uncertainty reduction theory help explain H u m a n i t i e s

might uncertainty reduction theory help explain H u m a n i t i e s


1. There were two articles to read and one video to watch this week. Using paragraph format, cite at least one sentence from each article and the video that you find the most relevant/interesting. Also, provide a personal experience of a meeting that was effective or ineffective. Provide details on the meeting and what was done or what should have been done. Then provide at least one response of 250 words or more to another student’s post. Do not respond, I agree or nice post. Provide details that add to the discussion

– List three of the transferable skills you can learn as a public speaking student.

What is your dream career? Describe how these transferable skills will help you succeed in your future career choice, or how these skills can help you land that dream job.

List the five common public communication contexts.

Describe a time when you have to (or when you will) use public speaking skills in each of the five common public communication contexts.

List and define (in your own words) the eight parts of the communication model.

Think of someone who is a great public speaker. This can be someone you knowor a historical or evenfictional character. Next, think of a specific time you saw orheard them speak to a group (in person,on TV, or in a video). Describe that speech– be sure to identify and label each of the eight parts of thecommunication modelin your description.

  • Name the speaker:
  • When and where did you see/hear this speaker?
  • Use the bullet points below to list how each of the eight parts of the communication model apply to the speaker/speech you chose:

2. Define uncertainty reduction theory.

  1. Think back to the first day of class.
  • Did you feel more, less, or similarly anxious about the course than you do today? Why?
  • How might uncertainty reduction theory help explain your answer?
  1. Define the spotlight effect and explain how it relates to public speaking.
  1. Think of a time when you felt like all eyes were on you.
  • Describe the situation:
  • Describe how you felt:
  • How might knowing what the “spotlight effect” is help you feel lessnervous during future speeches?

List and define the three strategies for building your confidence.

Do research on another relaxation technique – aside from breathing exercises, which is already discussed in the chapter.

  • Describe the technique:
  • List the source(s) for the information about the relaxation technique you researched.

3. List the three most common general purposes?

Can a speech be informative, persuasive, and entertaining? Why or why not?

If you aren’t sure what the general purpose of a speech is, how could you try to identify it?

List the five things a speaker should consider when “evaluating and selecting topic ideas”? (pp. 68–69)

Now for each of the five things a speaker should consider when evaluating and selecting topic ideas, describe what could happen if a speaker failed to consider it.

For example: If a speaker failed to consider her/his own interests, she/he could end up getting bored with the topic, which could make the speech more difficult to write and deliver effectively.

Define “thesis” and “specific purpose.”


Specific Purpose:

-Compare and contrast a thesis statement and a specific purpose.

How are they similar?

How are they different?

-Which of the three outline types (working, speaking, formal) do you create first? What are the main purposes of this type of outline?

– Draft a working outline using one of the following topics:

  • The benefits becoming a skilled public speaker
  • The importance of practicing for a speech or presentation
  • The importance of listening in the communication process

Your outline should have a general purpose, specific purpose, thesis statement, at least two main points and brainstorm at least two subpoints for each main point.

General Purpose:
Specific Purpose:

Thesis Statement:

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