may additionally provide web sites H u m a n i t i e s

may additionally provide web sites H u m a n i t i e s

—–This research paper is about childhood schizophrenia for special needs children—-

The length is 5 pages without include the work cited.

Your written report should be organized as follows:

  1. Why did you choose this particular topic? How do you anticipate using the information you’ve acquired?

2. Briefly summarize the special need or topic. Include information about cause and most common characteristics. (please note: do not make this section too long: approximately one page in length at the most and do not do a copy and paste from your resources).

  1. With regard to your topic, what are two community services, agencies, supports, therapies, or interventions are available in San Diego county? (Where can you and/or a child’s parents turn for help?) You may include both educational and community resources. These should be local resources, so include address, phone numbers, and location. As additional support, you may additionally provide web sites and information about national organizations.
  1. What might a preschool teacher notice in the classroom that might alert him/her that a child might have this special need? (the “red flags”) In other words, what are some of the symptoms, characteristics, and/or behaviors you might start to document?
  1. What can be done in a preschool setting to successfully include a child with this special need? Describe how you would modify the room setup, schedule, curriculum, and guidance/interaction with the teacher? In what ways would you foster social interaction with other children?
  1. What are the two activities that a preschool teacher could share for all the children, but would really help a child with this disability? Describe the materials, process for use, and why they are especially appropriate for children with this disability.


All three required sources must be fully cited. That means complete title, author, dates of publication, pages used, and publisher. If your source is the website for an organization or parent group, be sure to cite the full required information, plus the last date that the website was updated and the organization who supports the website.

Individual Reaction:

Your personal reaction to what you learned through your research: Include insights and comments about the process of your research as well as the actual content of the report. What did you contribute to the group report? What part of the research and organization did you do? You can also include details about how you plan to use the knowledge you gained. (Important point: this section MUST be an individual reflection, not done as a group. It should be about a page in length.

——Please do a summary of one page long for the whole research——

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