Maslow"s Hierarchy of needsTake a look at Figure 3.1. It talks

Maslow"s Hierarchy of needs,Take a look at Figure 3.1. It talks about five basic needs. They move from the lowest to the highest psychological need.,.physiological needs,.Security needs,.Social needs.,.Ego or self-esteem needs,.Self- actualization needs.,it states that an individuals lower- level needs must be satisfied before that person can address high- level, psychological needs. Do you think that this models is still applicable in today’s workplace? if so, how can a manager benefit from its use?,,Question (2),Motivation and rewards can be either intrinsic or extrinsic.Extrinsic motivation means we are motivated to do a task to receive the desired reward. Intrinsic motivation, in contrast, is desire to work hard solely for the pleasure of task accomplishment.,You have just been promoted to customer service supervisor. Your first task is to come up with a plan to motivate your employees through both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. Discuss two possible rewards for both types. Also discuss why you feel that those reward would give your team the biggest motivational results.,,,.