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This assignment is for your final presentation of your overall marketing plan/strategy for the company you have focused on in this class.(Lululemon Athletica)

  • You should be able to use slides from previous assignments, but make sure you keep it a maximum of 12 slides. 8 slides minimum.
  • Generally, less text is ideal for marketing presentations – keep concise. Focus on our main concepts and how you will have a plan to integrate them.
  • You do not need to have definitions next to each. For example, on your Marketing Mix slide you should list out your Product, Price, Distribution(place), and Promotion plan in detail, but you do not need to define the variables
  • You can submit as a PowerPoint It must be in a slide format, not Word Document text.
  • The content must be in your own words, including if you are using an actual company/product – use your own ideas, strategies and text. Include appropriate citation of research, data, images.
  • Outline for your presentation: be sure your presentation covers the following areas:
    It does not have to be in this exact order and you do not need an individual slide for each of the topics below, but it should have each of the following integrated in your presentation:
    1. What it is: Clearly define your company / product (Lululemon Athletica,)
    2. Target Market/Segmentation: Clearly define your target, including using the segmentation variables we discussed
    3. Consumer Research: Your survey and how the results have informed your marketing mix. You can also outline other type of research you plan to do.
    4. Competitive Analysis: S.W.O.T. or other research (such as data you found that supports your product launch/marketing)
    5. Marketing Mix – this should be some very in-depth slide(s).
      1. Clearly define your product/service
      2. Price – your menu of pricing if multiple products, pricing strategy
      3. Distribution – what will your “place be”? Will you use a retailer, intermediary?
      4. Promotion- what digital marketing, advertising, PR, launch events, trade shows etc will you use?
      5. Mention how marketing environment forces may affect some of the above
    6. Consumer or B2B Buying/ CRM:
      1. How will you support your target in their consumer buying process? Note any Influences that may affect them (Situational, Psychological, Social)
      2. If you sell to businesses, mention B2B aspects, like the buying center etc
    7. Success Measurement: You should indicate in a final slide, or in your marketing mix slide, how you are measuring success – especially from your Promotion efforts (advertising, for example)

    Most importantly, have fun! Most of this should already be complete from previous assignments. Pretend you are putting this together to show some investors or the CEO for your company.

  • note : the company I choose is Lululemon Athletica, powerpoint format

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