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You are a police officer in the City of Toronto, Ontario. You are assigned to 14 Division, 350 Dovercourt Road Toronto.

On Friday, September 3, 2021 at 10:10 AM, you receive a radio call regarding a bank robbery at the Royal Bank of Canada located at 972 Bloor Street West (patrol area is 141), where the suspect gave the teller a note indicating that they had a gun and a number of $20 bills was turned over to the suspect.

The radio call included a description of the suspect: short white male, 50 years old, long stringy grey hair, slight growth of beard and mustache, wearing a long dark brown trench coat, faded blue jeans, black leather running shoes, and dark rimmed glasses.

He was last seen running away from the bank running westbound on Bloor Street West.

After checking the area you attend the bank to speak to the witnesses.

You contact PC Alfredo Licoris 5880 Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) to attend the bank and take photographs, seize any evidence, and assist in taking statements from the witnesses.

The complainant Helen Romanov advises in her statement that a male entered the bank at 10:00 AM and handed her a handwritten note that stated “Give me all the money, I have a gun”, she did not see a gun but was terrified and gave him an envelope with $500 in 20 dollar bills, and an exploding blue dye pack. Romanov provides you with the note. Romanov describes the suspect as a middle aged homeless looking man with grey hair that did not look like it had been washed lately, he was unshaven, and he had a dark coat, jeans, and eyeglasses. She also advised that she activated the Wells Fargo holdup alarm after the suspect left out the front door and ran to the left.


  • Helena Romanov
  • Bank Teller for the past 2 years
  • 25 years of age
  • Address: use the bank address M6H 1L6
  • Telephone (b)416-555-3153

The witness Crestor advises that he is Romaov’s supervisor and that after she reported the robbery to him that he reviewed the bank security surveillance video, called 911, and reported the suspect description to the police which he saw as a 50 year old man with grey stringy hair, slight beard and mustache, knee length dark brown trench coat, faded blue jeans, black leather Nike running shoes, and dark rimmed glasses. Crestor has a copy of the surveillance video. Maple Leaf Commercial Crime Insurance policy HU6347, for the lost money.


  • Jackson Crestor
  • Bank Manager for the past 8 years
  • 44 years of age
  • Address: use the bank address M6H 1L6
  • Telephone (b)416-555-3153

You submit an occurrence based upon the information that you have received with an occurrence number of 845/2021

On Monday September 6, 2021 you speak to Detective Ronny Domino 2845 who has been assigned the occurrence that you have submitted, and details you to attend the Bloor/Gladstone library located at 1101 Bloor Street West (patrol area is 142), in regard to a report of mischief as someone has sprayed blue paint in the men’s bathroom.

Upon arrival at the library at 9:35 AM you speak to librarian Catherine Victoria who shows you the men’s bathroom and in the first stall you observe blue paint sprayed on the stall walls and the door. He advises that this occurred sometime between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon, but it was not reported until this morning when he came to work and he had to prepare an incident report.


  • Catherine Victoria
  • Librarian for the past 6 years
  • 38 years of age
  • Address: use the library address M6H 1M7
  • Telephone (b)416-555-8484

You contact SOCO PC Dan Francis #86 to attend the library to take photographs of the blue paint.

You notice that the library has security cameras, and you ask Victoria if she can access the surveillance video, Victoria advises that the camera has been inoperative for the past couple of months, and has not been fixed due to budjet cuts.

You leave the library at 10:13 AM and you hear Francis yelling “stop police”, and you see a male in a dark trench coat running away from Francis towards you, and you notice that he has blue hands.

You stop the male in front of the library at 10:13 AM. You believe that this is the suspect from the bank robbery as he matches the description, the male is out of breath and cannot explain where he is coming from or why he is running, and he has blue dye/paint on his hands.

You go through your arrest procedure with the male for what has occurred (you decide what the appropriate offence is) and you find the male in possession of an UZI machine pistol (fully automatic sub-machine gun) under his jacket, and fifteen – 20 dollar bills in his coat pocket, most with blue dye on them. You decide what is seized as evidence.

You transport the suspect to 14 Division to be processed on the arrest, where you parade the suspect before S/Sgt Richard Saul 7436 at 10:57 AM, and you speak to Det Domino, who instructs you to prepare the paperwork for him as he is on the way to an autopsy for a suspicious death from the overnight shift.


  • James Blakely
  • unemployed
  • grade nine education
  • admitted drug addict
  • Date of Birth (DOB): May 12, 1956
  • Male, white, 5’3”, 135 lbs, slim build, 2 days growth of beard and mustache
  • Dark brown trench coat, black t-shirt, faded Wrangler jeans, black reebok running shoes, dark rimmed prescription glasses
  • Address: 339 George Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2N2, no phone (Seaton House Men’s Shelter)
  • FPS 1234A (this is the identifying number that corresponds with the records that the RCMP keeps regarding fingerprints taken from persons convicted of criminal offences)
  • TPS 1234/2008 (this is the Toronto Police Service identifying number that corresponds with the records that the Toronto Police Service keeps regarding fingerprints taken from persons convicted of criminal offences – similar to a FPS # but a different database)
  • Previous convictions for Possession of cocaine (2020) Fail to appear in court (2018), Possession of cocaine (2012), Theft (2011), Assault (2009), Possession of marihuana (2008)
  • Previously charged with possession of cocaine by Toronto Police Service May 6, 2020, trial date of December 20, 2021 at the Old City Hall Courts, Toronto
  • Previously charged with weapons dangerous by Toronto Police Service March 14, 2021, next court date of January 6, 2022, Toronto West Courts, Toronto

The Suspect is to be charged with the appropriate charges (you must determine what charges will be laid) and is to be held for a show cause hearing, and to appear in courtroom #101 Old City Hall Courthouse (60 Queen Street West Toronto) at 1:00 PM on September 6, 2021 for a show cause hearing. The Trial date for the accused has been set for courtroom #121 at the Old CIty Hall Courthouse at 10:00 AM on December 21, 2021.

You must prepare the following documents for this assignment:

-Title page (5)

-Crown Brief Envelope – including both the show cause and trial date (8)

-General Occurrence (5)

-Supplementary Occurrence (goes with General Occurrence) (6)

-Record of Arrest (5)

-Criminal information (8)

-Supplementary Record of Arrest with synopsis of charge(s) laid (8)

-Show Cause Hearing report (10)

-Statement of victim and witness (5)

-Memorandum book notes (your statement) (20)

-Witness list (5)

-List of Charges (5)

-Evidence List (5)

-Subpoena for victim and any other civilian witnesses (5)

The numbers in parenthesis are the marks attributed to each document.

You will find the samples of all the required paperwork in the “Crown Brief Assignment Manual”.

Blank and Fillable PDF forms will be found in the “Crown Brief Assignment Forms” file in the assignment area.

When you open the samples or the fillable forms you may receive the following message:

If this occurs you will need to right click on the file and select ‘Save Link as …” saving the file to your desktop or to another file, and then open the file from that location.

If you cannot use the fillable forms, you will need to print out the blank forms and fill them in manually, scan the finished form and submit them.

Although this assignment is not due until December 12, 2021 I would suggest that you start early in the semester as there will be no extensions for this deadline.

If you have any questions about any part of the assignment please post your question in the “Questions and Answers” Blackboard discussion thread.

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