many case studies include sidebars B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

many case studies include sidebars B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Need to give the title (include case) in 1 day and finish the paper in 3 days

The word limit of the individual CW is 2500 words (excluding cover page, appendix and reference list). This word count is an absolute maximum length.

Students will be required to choose a company, to develop a mini case study and to evaluate their green marketing business model and performance. The companies can be of any size and from any industry. You should critique constructively how and in what ways the company could improve, or introduce in the organization, green marketing management methodologies and tools by using green marketing models. For instance, you could explore/exploit/evaluate how the company should use a green marketing strategy to target the right customers. How green marketing strategy can identify and satisfy wants and needs of customers who are environmental friendly by uncovering patterns of behavior. Conclusions and recommendations on the green marketing strategy should be grounded on the proper analysis and well-defined the marketing research conducted by the students.

How to Structure your Case Study

Generally, most case studies have following parts:

  • Situation – the opening section describes the rationale for the case study including the company’s background, current market position and the areas of expertise that the company has contributed.
  • Problem – this section states the main problem which needs to be resolved such as international performance, market expansion requirements or new government legislation.
  • Method – this section specifies the analysis strategy of the case study. It explains with proper justifications on what marketing research method(s) students have adopted and how, what data are collected and analyzed to generate the solution.
  • Solution – this is the heart of the document. It describes the solution in detail, how it was implemented, and the impact on users, methodologies, and other factors that contributed to the overall deployment. Many case studies include sidebars, charts and graphs to highlight key points.
  • Evaluation – in the final section, you should conclude the document by evaluating the solution’s impact, discussing lessons learned and the next steps to be taken.
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