managing clerical computer skills causing extra work W r i t i n g

managing clerical computer skills causing extra work W r i t i n g

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After reviewing the standards, I feel as though the basic course sets a strong foundation for the job requirements which include assisting the patient and doctors to understand the medical decision-making process as well as assisting with questions on either end to facilitate a course of treatment. The standards cover topics such as basic healthcare terminology, carrying a conversation to understanding procedural operations. As a healthcare interpreter I would feel confident after a basic course to begin my work however requiring continuing education units each year is something I would consider necessary to maintain current within the ever-changing healthcare field.

Using a healthcare interpreter that is not certified could bring up issues such as editing information or fully leaving out information needed. A family member may be inclined to edit out information that a patient is trying to give to a doctor if they themselves do not support the idea such as the patient being a part of the LBGTQIA community. A family member may also leave out information if there is any form of abuse going on. There also may be instances of just not understanding basic medical terminology or getting confused (Dreachslin et al., 2013). A clinician may edit information without an approved interpreter by unintended phrasing medical terminology wrong either by body language, non-verbal communication or cultural misinterpretation. These scenarios present a problem because a patient will decide a course of treatment through recommendations from their physician as well as their interpretation of what is being recommended. A patient may not fully grasp the ramifications of a procedure or not having a procedure due to complication with a poor healthcare interpreter.

Having a dual role interpreter could open up problems within the healthcare staff due to the staff member being taken away from their main job to assist with interpreting possibly increasing the workload for others (Dreachslin et al., 2013). Having a dual role may also mean that they the strength may not be in both areas but only one for example someone may be hired as a receptionist at a Doctor’s office because they have the added skill of being fluent in Spanish however they may not be strong in managing clerical computer skills causing extra work for others within that department. One language etiquette that could ease interpersonal and professional issues would be to ensure that when communicating you communicate in the language that the other person(people) is speaking to ensure that no one has the feeling of getting talked about or things are not being spoken in a secret manner.

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