management principles within standard aviation W r i t i n g

management principles within standard aviation W r i t i n g

Post your formal presentation. The presentation should cover two specific items:

  1. Explain how your Project addressed the Core Program Outcomes
  2. Your critical self-assessment of your Project using the SWOT analysis

The presentation should have one slide for each Core Program Outcome and a slide for the SWOT analysis. The presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes in duration.

The oral presentation can be delivered in any number of different modes, dependent upon your location and the technology available. Coordination with your instructor will ensure the presentation of your project is successful.

Your presentation file must be posted in this activity prior to your formal oral presentation.

Core Program outcomes

  • Program Outcome #8. Aviation/Aerospace/Aeronautical Science. The student will show evidence of advanced concepts of aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics to solve problems commonly found in their respective industries.
  • Program Outcome #9. Aviation Legislation and Law. The student will show evidence of the basic concepts in national and international legislation and law as they pertain to the aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics industries.
  • Program Outcome #10. Aviation Safety. The student will show evidence of basic concepts in aviation safety as they pertain to the aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics industry.
  • Program Outcome #11. Aviation Management and Operations. The student will show evidence of sound, ethical, management principles within standard aviation, aerospace, and aeronautics operations.


Perform a SWOT analysis using your project as the base of your analysis. After the analysis is complete, you will present this information in your oral presentation. Use a quadrant style format to conduct the SWOT analysisou may use this SWOT Template as a guide but it is not a requirement. Your analysis of your project must include a minimum of three bullet points for each of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Compile a brief summary of your SWOT analyses into a one-page document. Use this as the bases for your discussion in your presentation in Module 8. Provide relevant details from the SWOT analyses to support your choices. Be sure to answer the following questions: Does your project have unacceptable weaknesses or threats? Are the strengths and opportunities better for one of the platforms?


A SWOT analysis is a method used to analyze many different things, largely in the business world but is an extremely flexible and easy method to apply. Examples provided in this document are for instructional purposes only SWOT sample

Watch the following videos to get a better understanding of a SWOT analysis:

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