make healthy food every meal H e a l t h M e d i c a l

make healthy food every meal H e a l t h M e d i c a l

What are your particular fitness goals? After reading this chapter, what would be the best dietary and fitness regimen for you? How would you use the FITT principle to create your fitness program? Be specific. (275 words)

Comment on following post (50 words each)

1. My particular fitness goals are to be as physically healthy as I can be and eat a mostly fruit/vegetable/and grain/ diet. I just got a new job that keeps me active all day long (it’s warehouse work). For 5 days a week for about a month now I’ve been physically active and eating a better diet and have noticed significant changes. In regards to the FITT principle my routine is Frequency: 5 days a week

Intensity: moderate

Time: 10 hours a day

Type: walking

After about a month I’ve lost about 10 lbs. but also because of my diet. I pack mostly vegetarian meals and if not vegetarian than mostly power bowls with chicken. I see nearly everyone else at my job eat fast food everyday and chips and candy. They stay the same weight or even gain some because they overeat so much because yes the work is so hard but they overcompensate. Personally I’ve tried out so many diets and fitness regimes and truly the best ones are the ones that can be sustained lifelong. After 2 years of jogging and hating it because everyone hates running and I was never good at it, I finally began to enjoy and look forward to it. It’s actually become a hobby of mine so I know I will want to run the rest of my life. I hated dieting and eating veggie meals but after years of food exploration I’ve found the best tasting, filling and healthiest substitutes for fast food and cravings. It’s takes a lot of time and patience to get results but it is worth it. I think it has to be enjoyable too. For me as long as I enjoy the food I’m eating and exercise I’m doing it works for me

2. Hello Everyone, my fitness goals is to consistently have a balanced diet and partake in moderate exercise. I use to be fairly healthy. I ate good nutritious foods and exercised often, but with COVID-19, work, and school it has been difficult lately. I have recently been experiencing a yo-yo tendency when it comes to my diet. I suspect that this is primarily due to feeling tired and stressed(emotional eating).I know that relieving that stress in a healthy way, rather than using food to cope, will fix this problem.Recently, I have been going on long walks to get some additional physical activity and to relax after a long day.I have read that walking can reduce your cortisol levels (stress hormone) longterm.

FITT Program

Frequency: Everyday (ideally)

Intensity: Low to moderate

Time: 1 hour or more

Type: Walking, sports, or skateboarding

I enjoy eating healthy foods and exercising, but I am bad at multitasking.So when school and work become more demanding I get stressed and a health diet and exercise goes out the window.I really enjoy taking the time to make healthy food to eat, but like I’ve said a million times in this post, I don’t feel like I have enough time to do so.I think meal prepping one or two days of the week would be beneficial for me since I don’t have much time during the week to make healthy food every meal of everyday.In conclusion, reading this chapter made me take notice and evaluate my diet and exercise.It also gave me some motivation and helpful tips to fix my diet and exercise routine.

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