major financial ruin (” psychguides ,” 2021 ). W r i t i n g

major financial ruin (” psychguides ,” 2021 ). W r i t i n g

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Gambling Addiction

Gambling can be a bit enjoyable, but it can also be addictive to an individual resulting in loss of property and finances. Gambling behavior can result in major financial ruin (“PsychGuides,” 2021). Gambling addiction has several negative impacts on the individual and the family. Individuals who try to compensate their losses through gambling frequently burden themselves with debts that cannot be stopped, such as vehicle loans, and student loans. I am a victim of gambling, and my family has faced some challenges, such as being overwhelmed with stress for my uncontrollable behavior.

The suspected causes of gambling addiction are the desperation to make fast money and the desire to fit in the high social status correlated with being a fortunate gambler. This behavior is associated with factors such as the individual’s environment, genetic and biological variation (“Mayo Clinic,” 2016). For instance, the innate competitive nature of an individual can be categorized under biological causes that lead one to be an addicted gambler. As for the genetic reasons behind gambling, several studies have found out that males are more prone to being compulsive gamblers than their female counterparts. The people surrounding an individual also act as motivating factors for some individuals to engage in gambling. For instance, a person who has grown up in a household where parents bet all the time has a sixty percent chance that they too will engage in betting at some point in their life.

My motivation to stopping this problem is that I have seen how it has destroyed my life and that of my family and friends, and I would like to see this pattern discontinued. This is my problem, and I have to fix it. I have engaged in arguments about my addiction with my parents mainly because I consume too much time on it and forget to do my studies. I have had an instance where I sold some of my belonging to get some cash that I can use for placing bets. My addiction has also brought other issues, such as my parents always fighting because of my behavior. My father has threatened me that he will kick me out of the house if I do not stop this habit. Still, I find myself going back to betting.

To change my behavior, I have decided to join a rehabilitation program, find other activities that I can engage in apart from gambling, and ask my friends for emotional support. The rehabilitation program I plan to enroll in is for six months, and I will make sure that I will put into practice all we are taught. The activities that I plan to engage in place of gambling include swimming, volleyball, and football. I am hopeful that with the support from my parents and the rehabilitation program, I know that I will change for the better in no time.

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