main claim using textual evidence W r i t i n g

main claim using textual evidence W r i t i n g

Type an essay in which you argue for the dualism you believe is the most important when analyzing “My Name” through Post-structuralism lens. You must argue for a dualism other than strong/weak. Your argument will include a complete counterargument and complete rebuttal as a response to the analysis essay.

Your introduction will introduce the literary work by summarizing “My Name” before presenting your main claim about its most important dualism. Your first body section will develop your main claim using textual evidence (grounds) and complete explanations (warrants). Your second body section will present a complete counterargument. Your last body section will present your complete rebuttal to the counterargument. Your conclusion should bring the essay to an appropriate close.

You may use “My Name,” “Post-Structuralism in ‘My Name’: Strength in Weakness,” your lecture material, skill assignments, and lab assignments while writing your Final Exam essay. You may NOT use any other sources or collaborate with others. This assignment must include your own words and ideas and properly cited words from “My Name” and “Post-Structuralism in ‘My Name’: Strength in Weakness” ONLY.

As a reminder, this assignment is meant to assess your mastery of the Student Learning Outcomes which are as follows:

    1. Analyze diverse literary texts through various social, historical, cultural, psychological, or aesthetic contexts.
      • Critical Thinking: Students will be able to demonstrate higher-order thinking skills about issues, problems, and explanations for which multiple solutions are possible. Students will be able to explore problems and, where possible, solve them. Students will be able to develop, test, and evaluate rival hypotheses. Students will be able to construct sound arguments and evaluate the arguments of others.
    2. Develop written arguments in response to diverse literary texts.
      • Communication Skills: Students will be able to communicate effectively in diverse situations. They will be able to create, express, and interpret meaning in oral, visual, and written forms. They will also be able to demonstrate quantitative literacy and the ability to use graphical, symbolic, and numerical methods to analyze, organize, and interpret data.

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