lori piestewathis last assignment explores women W r i t i n g

lori piestewathis last assignment explores women W r i t i n g

Please watch this short video first. Lori Piestewa

This last assignment explores women in the military, but also, the meaning of equality. Over the semester, you’ve learned about American women who served their country during war, but today the topic has even more relevance thanks to this Department of Defense ruling from 2013.

To learn about the current status of women in the military, you will read this document “Women in Combat”

Assignment: Please write a well organized essay explaining the current status of women in combat and your opinion on whether or not you support this change. Finally, address whether or not women should be subject to the draft, just as men are. Submit your work as a PDF or Word doc only.

There is no right or wrong to this assignment. What I’m really looking for is your depth of knowledge and how well you state your position. Be sure to consider all you’ve learned in this class about women’s history and equality (don’t forget about connected themes like the Equal Rights Amendment). Your paper should:

  • include an introduction and 1-2 paragraphs summarizing the current status of women in combat
  • the remainder of your paper should include your analysis and demonstrate your thorough knowledge of women’s history
  • include 2-3 quotes from class materials that support your position (if you’d like to include outside research material, be sure it is from an academic, reputable source)
  • include in text citations and works cited in any consistent manner you choose
  • at least 700 words (not counting name, date, title)
  • be written at the collegiate level (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, etc.)
  • have an originality report of 25% or less


Papers will automatically be checked through Turnitin.com, an anti-plagiarism website. Shortly after you submit, you will be given an originality score. This tells you the approximate content of your paper that is not in your own words. Don’t be alarmed- if you included quotes (and you should) you will be assessed a low percentage. Anything around 25-10% is perfectly appropriate. If your percentage is higher, you should edit your paper accordingly and then resubmit. Any essays submitted with 50% or higher may be subject to 0/40.

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