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look ‘ right ’ H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Part 1. Data Collection and Food Photo Journal (PJ)

For this part of the project, you will record everything you consume for three (3) consecutive days.  That includes all foods, beverages, and dietary supplements (including water, vitamins, energy drinks, energy bars, protein powder).

At least one of the days for which you record your food intake must be a weekday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) and at least one of the days must be a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday).  You may count Friday as either a weekday or as a weekend day.

You will record this information in two (2) documents.  The first document is a Food Photo Journal (Part 1).  You will take a picture of each item you consume for each of the three days.  (Multiple meal components, e.g., sandwich, fruit, beverage can all be in one photo.)  Many students carry a water bottle which they refill and drink from during the day.  If this is the case for you, then you may photograph the bottle only once per day, and be sure to enter the total amount of water that you drink each day in the spreadsheet.  You may not use any photograph more than once in the PJ.

You must include a validation with each photo.  The validation is a notecard with YourName.#, the date, and a brief description of the food.  (If you are able to date-stamp your photos, it is not necessary to put the date on the validation card.)  When compiling the photo journal, you will enter the date, and again identify the food and amount (the picture resolution sometimes affects our ability to read the details).  Please add a header (as shown in the example) with YourName.# and page numbers.  The validation card does not have to be fancy – use a pen and napkin if that is all that is handy!  Just be sure that it is legible.

For food which is prepared/ consumed at home (as opposed to the campus eateries), you may wish to include photos of package labels.  Include both the front (food product or component identifier) label and the nutrition panel from the label.  You may need to use the nutrition panel for your analysis.

Insert these photos into a Word (not pdf) document in chronological order.  The saved photo journal should be titled PJYourFirstNameLastName.  Submit it, and double check that what got submitted is what you intended.

If you open your PJ directly on the submission page, and it somehow does not look ‘right’ after you submit it, download it and look at it again.  Sometimes the photos run into each other on the submission page in Carmen, but they look fine if you download.

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