look like several different people wrote W r i t i n g

look like several different people wrote W r i t i n g

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business project and need support to help me learn.


Structure. The final report and presentation should contain the following four elements:

1)A description of the reader of the magazine.

2)An analysis of whether the ad is appropriately targeted to the reader.

3)An analysis of how the ad will be viewed and interpreted by the reader.

4)A compare/contrast analysis of how the three ads included in your project are different/not different because of their respective target markets.

As long as you include these four elements, you can organize your paper and presentation the way you think is best (for example, you can analyze each ad sequentially or discuss each element for each ad in turn.) A more detailed description of each element follows:

1.Create a verbal picture of the reader of each magazine (based on the assumption that the reader of the magazine is the person seeing the ad.) Choose three magazines with primarily different audiences and write a description of that audience based on demographic and psychographic information. Include such demographic variables as the typical reader’s sex, age range, education level, occupation, individual income range, household income range, marital status, race, geographic location, locality type, number of children, dwelling type and market value of residence. I would like the actual number values, but I also want some interpretation of the numbers. Extrapolate from the numbers to tell me who the reader is. Add to your demographic description by describing the psychological characteristics of the audience. You can find demographic information from secondary sources. Magazine media kits are also a good source. For every source used, be sure to cite it fully in your paper. The psychographic information should be based on your general impressions, information contained in the ads (e.g., ad copy and visual cues) and material from class and your textbook. There will not be one “right” description, but your description should be well reasoned and logical.

2.Discuss whether the location of the ad is appropriate for the target market. From each magazine, choose one ad that you think is interesting. Discuss whether the magazine from which the ad was taken was an appropriate place for the ad (that is, is the target market for the product likely to be the typical reader you just described). Describe what about the ad reflects or does not reflect the target market.

3.Discuss how the advertisement is likely to affect the reader. In doing this, you may want to consider the following questions (keep in mind that not all questions will be relevant for all advertisements and your particular ad may evoke questions that are not on this list):

Is the reader of the ad likely to be the user of the product, the purchaser of the product or an influencer of product use?

What is the image of the product advertised?

Are the personality and/or self-concept of the reader consistent with the image of the product that is portrayed in the ad?

How involved is the reader likely to be with the product? With the message?

How much information processing/decision making is the consumer likely to be engaged in when purchasing the product? With the message? Is the execution of the ad consistent with this?

What is likely to be the attitude of the consumer toward the brand in the ad? Toward the ad itself?

How is the ad motivating the consumer (that is, to what needs is it appealing, or how is it convincing the consumer they have a need)? Is the appeal utilitarian or value expressive?

How is the ad likely to affect the reader emotionally?

How does the ad capture the readers’ attention (or does it)?

Is the message in the ad attempting to inform/remind, to teach, or to persuade/change attitudes? Is this goal consistent with the execution of the ad?

What types of message appeals are being used in the ad? Is a spokesperson used? Are the appeal and/or spokesperson appropriate for the target market?

Does the ad use direct or indirect comparisons with other products? If so, is it appropriate, if not, should it?

Does the ad attempt to capitalize on reference group affiliations? If so, is this appropriate, if not, should it?

4) In this section, you should compare and contrast the different ads analyzed by your team. Remember that the purpose of this project is to demonstrate how ads aimed at different target markets differ in their content and placement.


Prepare a well-organized and well written report that contains the information discussed above. This report is due on Dec 1st at 11pm. The advertisements (or colour copies of each advertisement) should be included with the report, and indicate the issue (date/volume/page) in which you found the ad. There is no set number of pages for this report; however, 15 pages, double-spaced should be sufficient. Keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to the report. This is a team project, and the report should not look like several different people wrote it. That is, format, presentation style, and (as much as possible) writing style should be consistent.


Prepare a 12-15-minute professional presentation to share your analysis with the class. You may organize this presentation the way you want, although each person in the team must have a speaking part. Please have a slide with a blown-up colour copy of your ad made for this presentation. You should aim to have 12-15 slides.

Choice of Advertisements/Magazines.

You are free to use any three ads from any three magazines you choose (as long as the magazines are directed at different target markets). However, please choose advertisements that lend themselves to a thoughtful paper and presentation. I would also suggest you choose magazines that have readily available media kits. Remember that any source that is used to obtain information on the target market must be cited at the end of your report.


This project is worth a possible 100 points and accounts for 20% of your final grade. The paper will contribute a possible 50 points and the presentation will contribute a possible 40 points. Each member of your team will receive the same grade on the paper and the presentation; however, individual student grades may be adjusted pending results of the team evaluation (discussed below). Ten points will also be allotted based on attendance and active participation during the presentations.

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