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long ingrained “ inspection culture ” toward B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

As you read this case, you will see that when Jean Phillip Courtois took control of Microsoft’s global sales, marketing and operations in 2016, reporting directly to the CEO Satya Nadella, he understood that he needed to lead the organization away from a long ingrained “inspection culture” toward a learning and coaching culture instead. Such a transition does not happen overnight, but as you will soon discover, Courtois and his leadership team were able to envision and then execute a remarkable culture change that actually transformed the entire organization.

This case takes us inside the thought processes of a leader who understood that culture change was essential if the company was to execute on its strategic change imperatives. It also illustrates how a change mandate, initiated at the CEO level, needs to generate change at the business unit level to align with corporate initiatives. Finally, this case lets us examine the unwinding steps of change management. It shows what leaders need to do after the “restructuring phase” when structure, staffing and compensation/incentive issues are settled, but attention must then be paid to sticky issues like mindsets, behaviors and norms. To understand this delicate process of changing culture, the case offers an up-close look at how leaders have to first change themselves, to no longer provide leadership in the form of solutions but instead to provide leadership by helping many other team members learn how to find their own solutions.

As you read the case, please consider these questions: How did Courtois first assess the situation after taking charge? How effective was he? What actions did he take and what challenges might he have missed? Given the examples of leadership we have studied so far, how would you describe Courtois as a leader?

Microsoft, under Satya Nadella is a real turnaround story, and on April 25th, 2019, became the third US company to pass a market cap of $1 trillion. Below is a link to an interview (20 minutes) from CNBC, focused on the Digital Impact in India and Artificial Intelligence, shortly before Microsoft crossed this milestone (March 16, 2019). Please feel free to include any current information on the corporation in your Case Notes.

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2- in one paragraph answer this question :

A Forbes article titled “Leadership during Microsoft’s Turnaround,” described that “CEO Satya Nadella and his team have achieved what many believed to be impossible. . .” (Miller, 12/3/18). The article went on to point out that in the less than five years since Nadella and his senior executive team had taken the helm, they completely reversed Microsoft’s trajectory because they focused on two critical constituencies: customers and employees; and consequently, pleased another important critical constituency, their shareholders.

This case offers clear evidence of how taking care of customers and employees worked under Jean-Philippe Courtois. As you consider what Daft explained about the four different dimensions of Change Management, what do you think was the Courtois’s most important accomplishment? Did anything stand out to you in Courtois’ personal approach to the leadership of change that you might remember long after this class is over?

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