location — neighborhood versus busy arterial road versus H u m a n i t i e s

location — neighborhood versus busy arterial road versus H u m a n i t i e s


In light of the current social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC, the final applied project for this class, the observational study, has to be modified. You will still be drafting a write-up, but you will NOT collect any data. Therefore, instead of a research paper write-up, you will be drafting an observational study proposal. The following sections should be in your proposal:

  • Introduction – this section should include a literature review incorporating at least 5 professional references; primary references are required, meaning they must be from professional journal articles. This section should end with a brief listing of your hypotheses.
  • Method – this is the section where you will detail exactly what you would plan to do if you were to collect the data. This section should have two sub-sections: one on population and one on the procedure. You need to include enough detail in the method that anyone reading it could follow your directions and replicate your study down to the smallest detail.
  • Anticipated Results – In this section, you should list your hypotheses again in more detail. And then elaborate a bit on what you expect to find and why. Make sure your literature review supports your hypotheses.
  • Conclusion – just a brief conclusion to the proposal
  • Reference Page

Observational Study Topics

Your applied final project for this class is an observational study. But, remember, an observational study is just that—observations only! You are not allowed to interact with your participants at all, but you are to draw your conclusions based on observations alone. Following is a list of approved topics. You must select your topic from this list unless you have made arrangements with me to pursue another topic of your choice.

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