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Unit I Discussion Essay Prompt

Georgia and Massachusetts Bay Colonies both had deeply religious founders who included both spiritual and practical goals in their writings. Use James Oglethorpe’s Rational for Founding the Colony of Georgia and John Winthrop’s “A Modell of Christian Charity” (check the attachments) compare and contrast the founding of the two colonies as well as any similarities and differences the two may have developed due to their early roots. Cite these two primary sources as well as your textbook (check chapter 2 for Georgia colony and chapter 3 for Massachusetts Bay colony in the attachments) and one or more other secondary sources ( check this link and/or you can include a secondary source of your choice) within your Discussion Essay of 650 to 750 words using MLA in-text citation. Place the Word Count at the end of your paper and include a separate MLA Works Cited.

Your Discussion Essay will be a 600-750 word essay with a separate Works Cited written in MLA style and format. The essay will discuss the similarities and differences of the early Georgia and Massachusetts Bay colonies you found in your research. Your essay will mention the sources (proof) used within the Essay with in-text citations and your Works Cited will contain a list of all of the sources (evidence) you used to support (prove) your statements.

Each paragraph must be supported by at least one source. If you have quoted your source using exact words, place quotation marks around your quote and follow it immediately with the parenthetical in-text citation. If you just use and reword information from the source or sources you use within the paragraph, place the parenthetical in-text citation at the end of the paragraph. When your source is a book, the in-text citation will be the author’s last name and the page number where you found the information. If your source is a speech or writing by someone, use the speaker/writer’s last name in the parenthesis.

in the attachments you will find an essay from one of my peers which you can use for reference when writing the essay Please don’t copy from this essay this is just for referecne on how the essay should look like.

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