Lesson 2- Communication and Public Opinion1. Why is it

Lesson 2- Communication and Public Opinion,,,1. Why is it important that public relations professionals understand communication?,,2. Why do words such as liberal, conservatives, profits, and consumer activist spark semantic skyrockets?,,3. What common mistakes do people make when they communicate?,,4. Had you been public relation advicer to CEO Scott at the time of the Walmart Bribery allegations, what would you have counseled him to do?,,5. How would you characterize Walmart’s internal and external response to the bribery charges?,,6. What is the relationship between public relation and public opinion?,,7. What kind of evidence persuades people?,,8. How would you characterize Martha Stewarrt’s initial public relation response to the charges against her?,,9. What key public relations principle did Martha Stewart violate?,,10 How important from a public relations perspective, was her decision to go to jail early?