legal document preparation industry since 1985 H u m a n i t i e s

legal document preparation industry since 1985 H u m a n i t i e s

Agency Description and Job Responsibilities Memo: In this assignment, you will write a 

memo clearly explaining the nature of your agency, organization, or office and
describing your duties on the job. Think of the memo as one that you might write to a
new intern who will be replacing you. Chapter 7 in your textbook includes a helpful
discussion of ‘getting to know your job site.’ Your memo should clearly describe:
a. The mission or function of the agency and how it is carried out (see chapter 7).
b. The population/demographics served by your organization (see chapters 8 and 9,
esp. pp. 134-144).
c. The role the agency plays in the political process.
d. How the agency is organized (be sure to highlight your position in the

e. What the intern’s responsibilities are and how he or she can successfully carry
them out.

job memo paper basically has to describe my internship, responsibilities and job distribution. I work at a company called We The People, which is a legal document preparation company. I learn and do divorce papers (petitions), quit claim deeds, name changes, opening llcs and corporations. We work with Los Angeles courts and county. since I started my internship I’ve learned how to fill out divorce papers, name changes as well as opening and dissolving a corporation or llc. I work there 25 to 30 hours per week. My supervisors name is Lilit Tonyan. The office is located in Glendale, Ca. Please do some research about the company and include that in the essay. It is a very well known document preparation service company with may locations. If you have any questions let me know

A Trusted Name Since 1985We The People® has been a trusted name in the Legal Document Preparation industry since 1985. We help consumers represent themselves (pro se) in uncontested legal matters by preparing/typing the necessary legal documents at their directions and to court standards. We offer high quality, accurate and affordable legal document preparation. By doing it themselves, consumers usually save 50-70% of the typical fees and costs.As you can see We The People® provide Business Services (Incorporation, Fictitious Business Name, LLC’s, Non-Profit Corporation, Partnership Agreements), Personal & family (Deeds, Divorce, Legal Separation, Paternity, Probate), Wills & Living Trusts (Living Trusts, Power Of Attorney, Wills), Copyright & Trademark and many other services.

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