least two consumer behaviour theories B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

least two consumer behaviour theories B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Group work has been done and the assessment requires to answer 4 questions which I have done the introduction and answered first two which means you only need to answer the third one, fourth one and with the conclusion. questions are under below.

The totally words count is 2500 but I have done 1200 you only need to write no more than1300 words

attached the requirement document, group work document and essay document, by answering question 3 which you could see the PPT from week 8(2)

1. Evaluation of major macro-environment factors that may impact brand performance in the proposed market most significantly:(have done)

2. Target market selection and consumer analysis:( have done)

3. A critical evaluation of culture-based positioning strategy options (GCCP, FCCP, LCCP and hybrid culture-based positioning) for the Brands:

Identify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy for the brand and make a recommendation of the optimal strategy appropriate for the selected target segment. Support your discussion with academic literature and findings of cultural environment analysis. Provide recommendations on how positioning strategy can be implemented in 2 marketing mix elements of your choice. Consideration of potential implications of the selected positioning on non-target groups is not compulsory but is desirable. (20-25% of word-count)

4.Theories underlying the creative design

Based on the design in the group task (print advert of the product/ brand, or package for the product, or a retail environment, either physical store or website), provide a detailed description of the design in terms of the theme(s) and stimuli, and the level(s) of emotion you want to create. You must link the design to positioning strategy you recommend via cultural cues (brand name, linguistic, visual, other) and use at least two consumer behaviour theories (emotion, sensory perception, perceptual selectivity, learning, sexual evolution etc.) as the underlying principles for the creation of the design and fully explain how you have applied these theories. (20-25% of word-count)

Requirements: .doc file

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