least three witnessed primate traits H u m a n i t i e s

least three witnessed primate traits H u m a n i t i e s

Complete the assignment attached below.


1. After opening the report sheet, enter your notes directly there.

2. Watch one of the live streams or videos for at least ten minutes, preferably longer. It may take a few tries to find a stream that is working and showing a primate at the moment you are watching. Otherwise, find a prerecorded video for this assignment.

3. In the report sheet, make notes in the table about what the primate is doing and when it is doing this action. Use the example table as a model. Be extremely detailed to make the written report part easier. Instead of just ‘moving’ or ‘climbing,’ how is the primate doing this action? Which limb are they using to hold an object?

4. Think about the primate’s abilities and behavior. Which typical primate traits did the observed animal use in your time watching it?

5. In the report sheet, write a short report (at least 700 words) with the following sections:

Introduction: what primate(s) did you observe? Was it a live stream, in person, or pre-recorded? What did you expect to see? End this section with a short summary of what you actually saw, yes spoiling the paper.

Body Paragraph 1: Tell the reader in more detail what you saw. Start with a description of the scene and the individual primates you saw. Then describe the actions you saw in order from beginning to end like it is a story with a lot of detail.

Body Paragraph 2: Tell the reader in detail what primate traits you observed. Mention at least three traits from the lecture or textbook. These can be physical or behavioral traits.

Conclusion: Summarize your paper for the reader. Briefly restate what primate(s) you observed, what you expected to see, and what you actually saw.

The break-down of the assignment is as follows:

Preparatory Work:

Detailed table with observations on what the primate did as you watched it.

Short Report:

Introduction: Contains all information asked for in instructions.

Body Paragraph 1: Cleaned up description of what the primate did as you watched it.

Body Paragraph 2: Accurately relate at least three witnessed primate traits or behaviors.

Conclusion: Contains all information asked for in instructions.

Report must be at least 700 words and free from spelling and grammatical problems.

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