least one additional scholarly source H u m a n i t i e s

least one additional scholarly source H u m a n i t i e s

Purpose: Rewrite one of your essays from Unit 3 or 4, enhancing your analysis with at least one additional scholarly source. You will practice deep revision of a written assignment, one of the most important tasks in the writing process. Revision means that you will look at your original essay with a fresh perspective; this process will help you to look critically at your own writing.


  • Revise either your Unit 3 short story essay or Unit 4 drama essay, improving your existing essay using the graded rubric and the feedback from your instructor. Then, incorporate well-chosen quote(s) or paraphrase(s) from at least one additional scholarly source.
  • Closely review your paper, asking yourself the following questions to guide your revision:
    • Is your thesis statement (not obvious)? Does it clearly take a stance on a potentially debatable claim, and does it reflect what you will discuss in your paper?
    • Do the topic sentences in each body paragraph clearly support your thesis?
    • Have you integrated well-chosen quotes and ideas from scholarly sources that work to support your thesis?
    • Have you integrated your quoted material logically and grammatically into your text and elaborated on its significance?
    • Have you included appropriate MLA-formatted in-text citations and included a full citation for all sources in a Works Cited page at the end of the paper?
    • How does you conclusion work to demonstrate the significance of your overall argument and focus?
  • Be sure to maintain an appropriate academic tone (no slang, second-person [“you,” “we”], contractions, etc.)
  • Leave time to submit your draft to Free Tutoring at Tutor.com for review. Your tutor can help with thesis and content development, organization, grammar, and mechanics. Don’t forget that you can submit your draft to Tutor.com multiple times during the revision process!
  • Please refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab for MLA formatting and style guide.
  • Submit your final paper in the Revised Essay dropbox (under “Assignments”). Remember, your instructor will be able to see your Turnitin results – both your similarity percentage and any phrases or language that appear elsewhere, either online or in TurnItIn’s database of prior student work, so ensure that your work is scrupulous in its citations and adheres to the standards of academic honesty. No secondary sources are needed or encouraged. Plagiarism, as always, will not be tolerated. Please ask if you have any questions about citation or academic honesty.

File submissions: Please submit your file as a DOC.X or PDF file.

Grading Criteria:

  • Your overall improvement and revision of the previous paper
  • The introduction and the specificity and development of your thesis
  • Your supporting claims, logic, and organization
  • The quality of your writing, to include paragraph development and organization: topic sentences, conclusions, transitions, etc. See How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay – the MEAL Plan
  • Your selection and incorporation of pertinent scholarly sources to support your overall focus and claims
  • Your engagement with the text (your integration of supporting quotations and how well you explain these)
  • Your conclusion
  • Length Requirement: 850-1100 words

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