least four sentences totalwhich two traits B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

least four sentences totalwhich two traits B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Follow the instructions below and remember this is not college level only High School


1. Read the article below.

2. Reflect: At least two sentences per question, at least four sentences total

  • Which two traits are your greatest strengths? Explain.
  • Which two traits are your greatest weaknesses? Explain.

3. Revise: Proper spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar

The 14 Traits of Successful Salespeople

No matter which personality type you’re selling to, there are certain best practices to follow and good characteristics to cultivate. Business experts we interviewed say that the most successful salespeople share these traits.

1. They care about the customer’s interests.

“Your customers want to know you … understand their challenges, dreams, and goals, and have carefully considered why your solution makes sense – and they want to be sure you have their best interests at heart. They have to be sure you care [more] about their mission and the greater good than your numbers.” – Karin Hurt, founder of

2. They’re confident.

“If you don’t believe in your product, you aren’t going to make a customer believe in your product. If you can confidently explain how your product or service is going to solve a problem for the customer, then you’ve got the customer in the palm of your hand.” – Megan Ingenbrandt, social media assistant at

4. They’re subtle.

“Great salespeople never look like they are selling anything. They are educating, instilling faith and confidence. They are quietly and invisibly demonstrating why customers should believe in them and, in turn, buy from them.” – Mark Stevens, CEO of (Sanford Rose Associates)

8. They’re multitaskers.

“Multitasking is just a natural occurrence in any sales environment. You have sales you’re trying to close, leads you’re nurturing and following up on, and potential leads calling or emailing for more information. A great multitasker can keep everything sorted, conducting multiple trains on a one-train track, and this leads to efficiency, which in turn leads to better performance.” – Coco Quillen, COO and director of operations at

13. They’re optimistic and upbeat.

“Top salespeople … tend to be upbeat and radiate a sense of humor, fun, and general positivity. While grounded in reality, they focus on what they can control, stay on course with optimism about what they can achieve, and [don’t] let the rest drag them down.” – Mike Kunkle, vice president of sales effectiveness services at

14. They have a broad worldview and cultural understanding.

“Timing, decision criteria, financial justifications, formality, and even the expectations for support during and after a transaction may be quite different [in other markets], so international sales success takes empathy as well as patience. Additionally, in many markets around the world, business is based on relationships, which takes longer to develop when working with international customers.” – Ed Marsh, founder and principal of

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