least 4 professional peer H e a l t h M e d i c a l

least 4 professional peer H e a l t h M e d i c a l

Select an area of controversy within the realm of nutrition and health. The goal of this research and
presentation is to analyze a current controversy within nutrition, discuss at least two sides/viewpoints
on the issue and demonstrate the political, clinical, cultural, social and ethical factors and forces that
shape nutrition guidelines and recommendations. Be sure to address the controversies, viewpoints
and factors influencing these different sides and NOT just present about your topic in general.

Presentations should summarize the information you research in your own words
(paraphrase, do NOT copy direct sentences from your references) with appropriately cited
references in APA-format cited on each slide and with a reference list at the end including at
least 8 professional sources.

Be sure to include
at least 4 professional peer-reviewed journal articles as sources as well as additional credible
references (CDC, UN, USDA, WHO, etc.) for a total of at least 8 professional sources. You should be
familiar with the class text as well but not rely on them as your sole sources of information. Locate
recent, credible information that goes beyond the text

Please include 2-3 discussion questions about this topic and minimum of 20 SLIDES

My Topic is the National Dietary Guidelines in the United States of America.

Part 1: Describe the Health/Nutrition Issue

Describe the nutrition issue and how it affects health. Include all relevant information including: the history of this issue, clinical aspects and implications for public health.

Part 2: Arguments, Viewpoints and Evidence Supporting At Least Two Aspects of the Issue

Describe why this issue is controversial and explain at least two different sides of the issue. Explain the viewpoints, arguments and evidence supporting each side or aspect of the issue and any relevant current guidelines or recommendations around this issue from different agencies or organizations. Be sure to explore your chosen nutrition/health issue from at least two different viewpoints and identify the key arguments and evidence cited by each side to support their viewpoint and/or recommendations regarding the issue.

Part 3: Political, Clinical, Cultural and Social Factors and Forces Shaping the Viewpoints and Guidelines Around Your Chosen Nutrition Issue

Explain the prevailing sociocultural, economic, political and other factors that make this issue controversial and influence any relevant guidelines or recommendations around the issue. Discuss how these factors or forces shape the different viewpoints on the controversial issue.

Part 4: Ethical Considerations and Action

Explore what is being done individually, by governments and by local and global organizations to address your chosen nutrition/health issue. Address the societal and organizational responsibility to promote and advocate around this topic and the specific ethical considerations and constraints that might arise when attempting to do so.

Summary & Conclusions: Finish your presentation with a summary of your findings and the most relevant points. Be sure to include some conclusions to wrap up your presentation.

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