least 3 campus concerts H u m a n i t i e s

least 3 campus concerts H u m a n i t i e s

Concert reports are two-stage assignments. Each student is required to attend at least 3 campus concerts or other approved events over the course of the semester. Discussion of available programs will occur throughout the semester. If there are questions regarding which concerts to attend, please consult with the instructor.

If possible, each student should attend at least one vocal/choral concert and one instrumental concert. Please plan ahead. (The third or any additional concerts can be of the student’s choosing, and the concerts can be attended and reported in any order).

Students are encouraged to use the Concert Report Checklist (see attached and Blackboard) to guide listening and to generate ideas for writing during the concert.

After attending each event in its entirety, the student will submit to the instructor a formal written review of the concert. Each report should include a title that clearly identifies it as the first, second, or third (or another) report and as an instrumental or vocal/choral event. The report should be in the student’s best prose and should include:

1) basic information about the event attended (what?, who?, when?, where?, etc.;

2) a description of at least three of the performed pieces, including the first and last; and

3) the student’s impressions of the pieces performed, the concert as a whole, the atmosphere of the event, etc.

The body of the report should be no less than 750 words in length, and students are encouraged to have someone proofread their reports for them. Concert reports must be submitted in electronic format to the appropriate assignment page in the MUS

the Professor explain how to do the 3 concert report. pleas read it

For the concert report, I would suggest the following.

The idea is to listen to all of the links and then pick at least 3 of the pieces to describe. As you listen, try to think of the ones you like the best. Once you have chosen your favorites, fill out the attached form/checklist. Try to be detailed about the pieces you want to write about. I would try to make notes about the things I heard – what is the texture and instrumentation, what was the tempo, could you recognize the melody easily, what time period was it from, what things stood out to you as you watched/listened to the piece.

It’s not meant to be a research paper, instead, sort of a reaction paper, where you give your thoughts about what you heard, and maybe try to incorporate some of the language we’ve used in class.

For example, if you picked the concert, how did it compare to the one we talked about and studied in class. Did it meet your expectations for a Baroque concerto. If so how? Did the poetry and music seem to fit together.

If you pick one of the vocal pieces, does the music reflect what is being said in the text? If yes, how. If no, why not?

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