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For your final project, you will develop a proposal for a social media communication campaign for the health behavior you have chosen. Your project will include the elements we’ve learned and worked on developing this semester.

Your proposal should to be well-organized, clear, easy to read and navigate, and evidence-based:

  • Use section or chapter titles, so that your reader can easily navigate your proposal. Number your pages and include a table of contents. You’ll need to include an executive summary as well.
  • Spelling and grammar will count here! Use tools like Spellcheck, Grammarly, or the Touro academic writing services if you need help with your writing.
  • Your proposal needs to be cited using appropriate APA methodology. Be careful of plagiarizing, and be sure to explicitly state if you are quoting anther sources.
  • You should not be making claims that you cannot back up with research.
  • Your campaign materials should be presented as high resolution images or videos, which are clear and comfortable to consume and engage with. Your reader should not need to squint or zoom in, to read any text.

Your proposal should include the following elements:

  • Executive Summary:
    • No more than one page.
    • Your summary should include a short introduction of the health problem and population, your planned intervention, and your evaluation strategies. The idea of an executive summary is to give a quick overview of your project, so that someone who reads only the executive summary can have a good idea of what your project is about.
  • Macro Plan (see Chapter 3 of your text):
    • Analyze the problem and its place in the ecological framework (you may use the PRECEDE model)
      • Be sure to be precise and explicit about your health behaviors and population.
      • Include at least two determinants of the behavior among your selected population- make sure these determinants are relevant to your project. You are introducing these determinants here, because they are relevant to your project.
    • Select a primary intervention based on evidence
      • Discuss the prior interventions you are basing your decision on. Remember to cite.
      • You want to be able to rationalize your choices here, let that idea guide your writing.
    • Identify relevant audiences, and choose a core communication strategy for each audience
    • Select an overall approach
    • Choose partners
    • Perform a SWOTE Analysis. We did not go over SWOTE in the discussion posts, but you don’t need to be very in-depth about it. One idea for each quadrant of a SWOT analysis is just fine. You can present your SWOT as a table, or as text- your choice.
  • Implementation Plan (see Chapter 11 of your text)
    • Details SMART campaign goals
    • Matching content to media channels (see Pew Research Center data, and look for academic sources if this is not enough)
      • Plan on using at least 2 different social media channels for your campaign. Be sure to justify your choices.
    • At least 2 social media posts, which should include multimedia content, hashtags, text, and sources.
      • Your content should be pleasing to look at, and easy to read.
      • As well, you need to discuss what kind of account you’ll share your materials from- are you envisioning posting from the account of a public health body? An NGO? An influencer? For the purposes of this assignment, think about what would best fit your intervention.
      • At least one of your posts should engage in the debunking of misinformation relevant to your intervention- this doesn’t have to be explicit in the content you create, but you should explicitly state in the text of your proposal, which post is doing this, and why it’s important.
  • Evaluation Plan (Chapter 12 of your text)
    • Process evaluation
    • Outcome evaluation, based on your SMART intervention goals
    • Include timelines for both process and outcome evaluations
  • Conclusion
    • Write a few sentences summarizing your proposal, and your hopes for it.

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