least 100 words using specific ideas W r i t i n g

least 100 words using specific ideas W r i t i n g

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Initial post due by Wednesday at 11:59pm | Replies due by Sunday at 11:59pm

Assignment Objectives

Evaluate Malala’s claims about the value of education and connect them to your personal values and beliefs.


Step 1: Watch Malala Yousafzai’s interview with Jon Stewart. Take notes as you read!

Step 2: Address the prompts below:

Now that you have watched Jon Stewart’s interview with Malala Yousafzai, I would like you to reflect on Malala’s points. Answer the following questions. Please number your responses from 1-3.

  1. What, according to Malala, is the value of education? What does she believe education has the power to do? What does she say education teaches us? Answer in at least 100 words using specific ideas from her talk. Remember to properly cite: “quote” (Stewart time stamp). Your citations should look like this (Stewart 4:32).
  2. What do you see as the value of education? How is your view of education similar and/or different than Malala’s? Answer in at least 100 words.
  3. What is one thing from the interview that challenged your way of thinking? Answer in at least 50 words.

Step 3: Peer Responses

Once you have written your responses, you are to respond to two of your peers’ posts in at least 150 words each. Reply to two posts that have yet to be responded to by a classmate. If everyone’s post has been responded to, evaluate the ones with the least amount of replies. For example, if every student has at least one reply, then respond to the students who only have one or two replies instead of those who have 5 or 6 already.

In order to reply to a peer, you must first post your own response. You will only be able to see your classmates’ work after you have submitted your own post.

To reply to a peer, click “Reply” under their post, type your reply in the text box and click “Post Reply.”

Submission and Grading

To reply to the discussion, click reply on the main instruction page. Type your paragraph into the text submission box and click “Post Reply.”

To earn the points for this assignment, students must:

  • Post an initial response that meets all the prompt requirements
  • Respond thoughtfully to at least two peers
  • Compose mostly error-free sentences

Please reference the attached rubric.

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