least 1 recently published journal article related H u m a n i t i e s

least 1 recently published journal article related H u m a n i t i e s

Title page and Introduction

I have provided helpful PowerPoints to use as a guide when completing this assignment. Furthermore, all four sources are provided as well so no need to look them up yourself.

The purpose and information regarding the current study we have performed is explained in the powerpoint titled “powerpoint containing info on intro and title page” starting from slide 15 onward.

The other powerpoint provided contains additional info regarding the three sources that need to be addressed in the intro. Remember, a total of four articles need to be addressed. They are all provided in the files I have provided.

The introduction should be 2-3 pages long and in APA format.

  • You should first broadly explain the general cognitive processes that the Stroop paradigm is used to investigate. (something along the lines of the brain processing multiple messages, conflicting information, attention…). (several sentences)
  • You must introduce the in-class experiment with a review of the relevant literature, including Stroop, J.R. (1992).pdf, Hintzman, D. L. et al. (1972).pdf, and Windes, J. D. (1968).pdf. Your literature review must also include a review of at least 1 recently published journal article related to this topic. (I have provided this source already in the linked PDFS). (Recent means after the year 2000).
  • After reviewing the relevant literature, explain the purpose of the in-class experiment. Then provide a a brief description of the experiment (IVs, DV, Tasks). Finally, make some hypotheses about the results of the experiment. (1-3 paragraphs)

Review the Rubric for Assignment 4 to see a detailed breakdown of the paper’s requirements. This contains info regarding the title page as well so click it please!

Only provide internal citations for everything discussed that is not own words!

Additional Resources:

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