learning style inventory assessment W r i t i n g

learning style inventory assessment W r i t i n g

Answer these question please in your own word. No reference or google copy. Each question should be 5-6 sentence.

1) Entering college represents a major change in your life. Making the transition to higher education can be both exciting and overwhelming. Based on the textbook (topics listed in the textbook’s table of contents will give you some ideas) and your previous experience, discuss the skills and/or habits you need to be a successful learner.

2)Reflecting on Chapter 3, what memory techniques did you learn and how will you use them in your academic and personal life?

3)After analyzing your results from the Learning Style Inventory Assessment and activity, how can you use your learning style profile to be more successful in school? Give at least 3 examples. Be specific.

4)Make a list of specific ways you procrastinate on homework, studying, and other school related work. Which of those ways might be reduced or eliminated by using a term plan or daily task list? What other time management strategies from your text might help you address other ways you procrastinate?

5) After watching Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture video, please respond to the discussion board questions below. If this is the first time watching this video, you will be inspired!! (One of our favorite videos!)

Randy Pausch VIDEO (Links to an external site.)

  1. Please post what you got out of this clip…what will ‘stick with you’? Which struck you–personally– as most profound or meaningful for your own life?
  2. How does The Last Lecture make you rethink your own priorities– what you want out of life, your work, your friendships, your career, and college? Does it make you re-evaluate – or confirm – the things you thought were important?
  3. How does this relate to the goals assignment?

6) In this discussion we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of three methods of in-class note-taking: taking notes by hand, typing notes on a laptop computer, and tape recording lectures. Which method do you prefer? What are the advantages to using this method? What are the disadvantages?

7) Employing strategies to increase engagement in reading materials for school, work, or pleasure can enhance reading comprehension. In this discussion, explore the best techniques you use for reading difficult materials.

How do you engage in content that is challenging?

How do your reading strategies compare to strategies you use when watching a movie or television, or surfing the Web?

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