learning outcomeformatthe paper meets basic formatting W r i t i n g

learning outcomeformatthe paper meets basic formatting W r i t i n g

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFormat

The paper meets basic formatting and length requirements:
Two to three pages, double-spaced.
Standard margins.
Twelve-point standard font (such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri).
New paragraphs are indented using the tab key, and there is no space (line) between paragraphs.
The paper is double-spaced.

Your name is on the upper left side of the first page (no additional spacing).

  • Contain at least one direct quote from a source (Adichie, Peters, or another source of your choosing). Your quote should be written correctly, and it should be clear from your writing which source you are using in your work. Although you do not need to provide a reference in a citation style such as MLA or APA, if your source is not one of these two texts you should include a link to your source at the bottom of your paper.
  • Present (through summary, for example) what Adichie’s idea of the “single story” is, using the most relevant parts of her talk, and then apply this idea to the narrative of homelessness (as presented in Peters and, if you would like, in discussion posts from your classmates or other sources or observations of your own) and one other issue that you find to be of relatively equal weight. This second issue can be drawn from the media—be sure to include a link at the bottom of your paper.
  • In your writing you should cover how you can apply Adichie’s idea to your issues, where the danger is in these single stories, who stands to benefit and lose from these stories, and why it matters (what are the consequences of this story being repeated and circulated?).

You might also cover any of the following:

  • What is an alternate story that might be used? How could this story be reframed?
  • Are stereotypes (positive or negative) being deployed in these stories? If so, what are they, and why are they present?
  • Is there a lot of connotative language in use around this story? Give some examples.

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