leadership create action plans B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

leadership create action plans B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Respond to peers in 175 words or more

Response 1:

It is interesting how you can manage to try to change a few companies to be standardized and have one way of working. For example, the company I work for has different sister companies and are under different brand names. Each company has their own way of processing orders and managing customer service, however corporate wants to cross train and standardized all into one way of working. By providing the proper tools, such as a system that we all can use to have access to everyone’s data will be a great tool to help the company move forward in standardizing to make all of our work easier, because the before was reaching out to each individual company to find out data and having customers submit orders to each individual company, now they all can submit orders to a functional account because we all have access through the implemented new system.

This standardization will help all in general, internally everyone will be on the same page. Using the same process and same system, which will improve the communication between all companies. External, the customer will be able to have one functional account to submit their orders and one contact center. The contact center will distribute internally the call depending on the brand.

Response 2:

To make sure and guarantee that a change has been successfully executed in an organization, there are multiple tools or instruments that can be utilized to confirm this. One of the tools I have personally experienced with trying to measure and confirm if the change was executed successfully is using anonymous surveys or polls. Around every quarter there is a Pulse survey that goes out and executive leadership pushes their organizations for 100% participation. Since the survey is anonymous the answers and comments are usually more honest and genuine. The feed back we get from these surveys really lets the leadership know if the change that was implemented how it was perceived and or successfully implemented. An analytics and data collection company has just come in and is now giving the survey and the feedback to us. They are also having managers and leadership create action plans in response to this feed back of the surveys. I believe this is a good tool and method to see how your teams really feel about change that occur in your organization and teams.

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