large data set filtered example file B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

large data set filtered example file B u s i n e s s F i n a n c e

Filter and Analyzes Country Data

I will supply you with the country your group will work with. You need top CONTACT me. Do not leave the country selection to the last moment.
Your country will contain a number of fields and 1000 records. Fields (Columns), Records (Rows).

I suggest you analyze and compare the countries product type and the Total Revenue from that product.

Create 3 different data sets from the supplied Large Data Set File.
You will need to apply an Excel Filter to your Master Data Sheet.
Select three other countries with similar product types and compare their Total revenues (this is called a Query).

See the Query Example on European Fruit Revenues provided on eLearn.

Create and compare 3 subsets of the filtered data. Look at the Filtered Data Set just on Russian Fruit Revenues.

You can analyze the data using a number of different criteria. See the Large Data Set Filtered Example File. 

What did you notice?

Create a chart/s illustrating your found data.

Analyze the data and provide a summary of your findings in a Word Document.

You will need to research your data beyond the Spreadsheet provided.

You will need to apply a PEST evaluation in your report(Political, Social, Economic, Technical).

Submit Report in eLearn

This is a professional business report and a formatted paper is required.

Review How to Build a Case Study  document and PPT on eLearn. 

I have provided an number of videos to help you. 

As analyst the one major attribute you need to have is CURIOSITY.

You need to question everything. Ask WHY!!! And then play detective and search for the answers. This will supply you with additional materials supporting your thesis. Your thesis is the Final Rep[ort you present to Senior Management. They will make the Final Business Decision.

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